July 17, 2024

I Gotta Be Me

One of the gifts of Human Design is it helps you to uncover and or discover who you truly are. It points out the parts of you that are defined or hard coded and illuminates areas, thoughts, beliefs or expressions that are not you. In Human Design we call these defined and undefined areas or characteristics. There are three major pieces where we talk about definition in a Human Design chart and those are Centers, Channels and Gates.

  • Centers are the shapes and their origins are linked to the Hindu 7 chakra system.
  • Channels are the entire line between the Centers. They are made up of 2 gates and are associated with the Kabbalah Tree of Life.
  • Gates are the numbers in the centers and are represented by half the channel line between the centers. They are a synthesis from the I Ching.

When a center, channel or gate is colored in it is called defined. It does not matter what the color it is. By being defined it signifies that you will have a consistency of expression with the architype or characteristic that the gate, channel or center represent.

When a center, channel or gate is white is is called undefined. This represents that you are open to feel, carry or amplify energy with these characteristics or architypes associated with that center, channel or gate.

As you start to understand your design and the energies that are defined and undefined with, you can discover that maybe part of your expression in life is not coming from you but from others or the world around you. That is not to say it is good or bad being influenced by these energies, but the awareness of their origin can be helpful especially if they are creating conflict.

Lets take a look at a few examples from the singer and model Dua Lipa.

On the top right she has an undefined Channel of Logic. This is the beginning of the logical process where you are looking at a process or a product and coming up with the initial judgement is this good, bad or maybe ok but it needs improvement. Since it is undefined, on her own Dua might not really know or or have a firm that conclusion. However if she is around or surrounded by more logically defined people, she might take on a more logical approach to things. The truer version of her energy in the mind come from the defined gates 47 and 61. She would tend to look at things in either an individual know way, “it’s a given understanding” (gate 61) or an abstract way, “this is how things fit together”(gate 47).

Moving down the logic circuitry she also has an undefined gate 17 of opinions. Again, since it lacks consistent energy, she might not express her opinion much or if she is around opinionated people she might express an opinion quite boldly. You see undefined area can amplify the expressions they are exposed to. With the next gate in the logical circuit being defined, gate 62. the gate of the gate of details, her more natural expression might be to start listing the ingredients of a product or talking about where it was made without much of an opinion at all.

Lastly lets take a look at her Undefined Identity center and in this case it is called open which is an extreme case of an undefined center. Open centers can be extremely impactful as there are no gates defined on the center so there is no consistent influence. Two items stood out regarding her Open Identity center from the Wikipedia article I read.

  1. She was heavily influenced by her father who was a musician and she started singing at age 5. The undefined G, (another name for the Identity center), can often be influenced to become something from a parent or significant mentor or partner.  It will be interesting to see if she stays with music and singing or at some point decides “Hey this is really not my passion”.
  2. She has had a series of relationships over the last years but nothing has lasted. The Identity center is home to the 4 Love gates so there is a lack of that energy and most open G’s are looking for love and to be loved. Her last relationship ended because of incompatible schedules. It is likely much harder for an Open G to carry on a long distance relationship without the persistent presence of felling that love energy.

Again, it is not about whether an undefined area is being influenced, but it is about bringing awareness of an influence. From awareness you can then think about if the influence is in harmony or bringing you discord. Dua has a lot of passions, acting as a feminist, speaking out about sexism in the music industry, acting as a philanthropist supporting a variety of charities and modeling and her interest in fashion and clothes. She may find over time that some of these aren’t really resonating and will let them go. The bottom line is thru Human Design you can shine a light on how you are designed and come to a more harmonious place because for all of us, ” you gotta be you!”


Dua Lipa singing her hit son Levitating:

Sammy David Jr. sings I Gotta Be Me:

Credit to Wikipedia for the picture and info

Note – There is conflicting birth times for Dua Lipa on the astrological sites I reference some have 12:18 AM and some have 23:45. The difference in her chart in terms of definition are very minor, however there is a great difference in profile, the earlier time being a 5-1 and the later which I have used being a 6-2.

RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

























I heard a radio lab podcast replay on the night RBG moved on from this world. The episode focused on a key trial in her career to get equal rights for women. From 1973 to 1976 she argued 6 cases of gender discrimination before the Supreme court, sometimes on behalf of women and sometimes for men. The case in focus on the podcast was actually two cases. She consulted on a case that represented men in Oklahoma and a woman who managed a drive through liquor store. At the time men in Oklahoma could not buy beer until they were 21 but women could buy beer at 18. The liquor store was next to Oklahoma State University and so the young men at the college would get the sorority girls to go buy beer for them.

The liquor store owner was trying to get the law changed and was represented by a somewhat stubborn male lawyer, who despite Ginsburg’s advice insisted on presenting the case to the Supreme court in his own way. His resulting experience in front of Supreme court did not go how he had planned. Yet somehow Ginsburg got on the Supreme court docket right after him on the same day for her case representing a woman in a discrimination case. Before the supreme court she was able to tie and weave these two cases together, and while they were both about discrimination, they were also very different in their details and aspect of the laws and how the constitution applied to them.

After I heard this, I was intrigued if I could see this in her design. I was not disappointed as sure enough once I ran her chart, I could see the core energies that not only helped her win this case but also helped shape her career to be that great judge that she was.


At the core of what I see, is she has a defined mind that is connected to the throat. These connections, give her consistency to deliver her thoughts and ideas with her voice and in writing her opinions. She has a lot of defined energy in the abstract circuitry (outlined in blue in the diagram below) and also a lot of defined energy in the logical circuitry (outlined in red). She has the gate 63 to focus doubt or attention of thought on a product, process or treatment of people as in this case. That circuit crosses over and she has the 17-62 channel which has opinions and infinitesimal details about that whatever is being discussed as well, all the while looking at it with a logical, step by step analysis.

But she also has the abstract circuitry which is putting the pieces of the puzzle together or grouping things that one might not logically think will fit together. She has the 64-47 channel to bring together the abstract and crossing over she has the gate 11 to tell the story of why or how those all go together.

In the cases cited by the podcast she had done just that, brought 2 cases before the supreme court that might not seem like they fit together but ultimately mesh and supported her cause that all people were equal or should be under the law regardless of their sex. She later went on to support other equality measures to combat gender discrimination.

An additional element of her design is her completely open identity center, which potentially gave her the ability to feel her defendants plight and later as a member of the supreme court put herself in others shoes. Also, she was the incarnation cross of Eden, so for each situation she contemplated whether abstractly or logically, she had the underlying emphasis of how could the outcome of the trial or ruling lead to a little part of Eden on earth, that beautiful garden that is peaceful, beautiful and supplies us with everything we need. I don’t think her dying request to wait until after the election to approve a replacement justice, was political. I think it was her design expressing itself as the right thing to do in Eden would be to let the people choose.

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You Complete Me!

In relationships, Human Design can play big part. As with all of life, this is where energy comes together. But in close and lengthy relationships, the interaction of the energy can play a huge part. You have probably heard the expression, “You complete Me!” and in certain relationships that is exactly what happens.

Good Actors and Actresses are very good at convincing us that they are the character they are playing. When they play parts as a couple, we may comment they have good chemistry or they don’t have chemistry. It is part of what makes a good pairing in a Movie. The movie Pretty Woman was wildly successful in the 1990, where it introduced Actress Julia Roberts to the world. She played a prostitute who meets up with a very wealthy and highly successful business man played by Richard Gere. While these are two great Actors and much of the success is certainly due to them, I would venture to say it was the chemistry of their Human Design, that was the magic that fueled such wide success.

In an interview for the 25th anniversary in 2015, Richard told the story of how he met the young relatively new actress Roberts went on to convince the director to give her the part, perhaps over more seasoned actresses. Sure, perhaps it was her beauty and charm, but behind the scenes I would speculate that the alchemy of Human Design was at work.

In Human Design, when one person has one gate in a channel and the other person has the other gate we call this an electromagnetic connection. Just like how two magnets pull toward each other, electromagnetic connections have been pulling people together for ions. If a couple has 2 or 3 of these connections that is typically a persuasive pull. In the case of Julia and Richard, it is like a tidal wave with 6 of these connections.

In addition, Julia gives Richard 2 tribal channels related to sex and promotion of the tribe, and Richard Gives Julia, the full channel of Family. With the sum of all these connections and channels they really do complete each other in the Human Design sense. It is part of what makes them such an irresistible pairing in the movie and fuel for the viewer, to root for this unlikely relationship to succeed. We can feel that their energy is meant to be together.
See some of the chemistry unfolding in this scene.

So let’s break the connections down in terms of Human Design in the composite chart below.

I have used ovals to highlight their electromagnetic connections.

  • Head to Ajna – 61-24 – Individual understanding
  • Ajna – Throat – 43-23 – Individual knowing expression (freak to genius)
  • Ajna – Throat – 17-62 – logical opinions and details
  • Throat – Heart-Will – 45-21 – ruler-ship – owning it
  • G-Self – Spleen 10-57 – being yourself in the moment
  • Root – Sacral – 60-3 – mutative creation

I have used rectangles to highlight the channels they give each other.

From Julia

  • Spleen to Sacral – 50-27 – mothering and fathering energy
  • Sacral to Solar Plexus – 59-6 – sex and reproduction
  • Head to Ajna – 64-47 – Abstract understanding

From Richard to Julia

  • Solar Plexus – Hear-Will 37-40 – family

Here are their individual Charts.


The 3 Types of Thinking

There are 3 types of thinking in the Human Design System.

  • Logical
  • Inner Knowing
  • Abstract

Depending on how you are defined will effect how you most often tend to think about things. It will also affect how you learn and how well you can remember what you have learned. The more definition of one type of thinking the more likely it will be to dominate the way you think and process information. However, the one caveat to that is we can be conditioned in or open gates and channels by those around us. A classic example might be a child who is defined to think in an abstract way but they grow up heavily influenced by their logically thinking parents or the logically structure teaching in school.

Logically thinking is ordered thinking like a recipe or a mathematical approach.  Step 1 is followed by step 2 followed by step 3 and so on.This is probably more of an applied thinking style. You have principles or steps and then you apply them.

Inner knowing is a truth or a knowing that an individual comes to on there own. It is an internal knowing that does not always translate to others and is often hard to explain because you just know.

Abstract thinking is bring the different pieces of the puzzle together so they all mesh or fit into the picture or story. Abstract thinkers can see the whole picture even if some of the parts are missing. This is possibly the more creative thinking style.

The Emotional Waves of the Solar Plexus

In the Human Design system a defined Solar Plexus is powered by waves of energy that rise towards joy and happiness and fall towards sadness and despair. There are three types of waves and they each behave a bit differently.  The truth is that whether we have an emotional wave or not we are all impacted by emotions as we interact with others. Here is a newer take on an old classic song Emotion.

To understand how emotions flow, here is an overview of the three waves and a chart highlighting the connections called channels that they make to the other centers.

Tribal Wave

The Tribal Wave is the mildest of the three waves. The emotional feeling that is part of this wave flows up and down in a gentle way and most people may not even notice its flow.  It can often work like a ratchet within family or community relationships. For example, someone in your group/family may do something that irritates  you. The first several times you brush it off and ignore it. However over time it builds up an emotional charge until the wave cannot sustain it any longer and it  snaps,  coming into expression in the form of an outburst like “Stop doing that!’.  It also might take the form of disconnection or distancing from the iritant person like a timeout. In a more severe cases it could result in a complete disassociation from the person or the group.  This is a tribal energy and the connection demands that to be part of the tribe we live by tribal rules or we get out of that tribe.

Individual Wave

The Individual wave is the most dramatic wave of the three. This wave travels in big swings up toward joy and euphoria and big swings down to pain,  saddness and despair.  These swings are rhythmic and vary in length depending on the individual.  An up and down cycle can range from daily to yearly with most falling somewhere in between. One of the struggles of this wave is at the bottom it can feel like it is never going to come back up. Too much mental focus on this can actually prolong or create a stuck pattern in the down cycle. It is important for someone with this wave to understand it will go up and down and if you are down the up side is on its way.

Collective Wave

The Collective wave is like an escalator. It rises and rises toward joy and happiness in a slow and steady way. But this energy is not sustainable and like a bubble it pops, falling abruptly down to sadness and sorrow. The bottom of this wave does not last long as the wave begins building again back toward joy. When the wave drops it can lead one to question what happened. In relationship it might be the question of “Did I say something wrong?”. But in the case of this wave it is just energy that has run its course and needs to drop back to rebuild again.

Here is a Chart of the Emotional Wave Channels

(click on chart for larger image)

Openness In Our Charts

In Human Design, we often focus on the defined areas in our charts or the areas that are colored in. But it is often the open areas that control or create ripples in our lives. These are the white areas in our charts and we are open to being conditioned by those around us. We should  live the expressions from these areas less frequently, but when we are conditioned, we take on the habit of living our openness  in a defined way. When we live our conditioning it can impact our lives.

Take the example of a mother who has a defined will center. This mother will be able to have consistent access to will energy. The will center is also home to the ego, so will energy is pushy and is often about me or what I want. A child of this mother, who has an open will center can grow up amplifying will energy. Using this will energy can become a habit.  As this child grows into an adult, if the conditioning is deep, they continue to use the will energy. But their system is not designed to handle will energy consistently. Their will center is undefined. Just like wiring in a house it is only rated for occasional usage. The will center is physically connected to the gall bladder and the heart. The result of over usage of will energy by this adult child can be gall bladder failure and or heart trouble. The best solution for the child is to de-condition or stop living the energy that they are not defined to live.

While this example is extreme, it is not an uncommon problem. All the areas in the Human Design system are connected to body parts or functions. Over use of energy in undefined areas from prolonged usage can result in physical illness. Thyroid issues, eating disorders, MS, etc can be related to living conditioning in the undefined circuitry.

In addition, consistently using energy that is not yours can come off as being phony. People are likely to feel a lack of sincerity or clarity from you.  Take the gate 17 which is to have opinions. If you are put in a job that is constantly requiring your opinions, yet you are not defined in the gate 17 you may have trouble  being listened to. By design your opinions will come across inconsistently and not nearly as robust as someone who has defined opinions (gate 17). The solution is to work in a job that doesn’t require opinions all the time or work in partnership with someone who does have the gate 17 opinion energy.

The goal in Human Design is to be wise about our open areas. We can experience through the openness unlimited ways of experiencing the applicable energy. A person with an open solar plexus can feel and amplify emotions in unlimited ways. But on a daily basis we want to live out the consistency of our defined areas. That is how we are wired to live and that wring is integrated into our bodies and right on down to our genes.

Here are some sample charts that display openness. The open areas are circled in pink.

The Impact on Us of Activation Energy


A Human Design chart is fixed at the time of one’s birth with specific gate activations as shown by the red & black bars in the body graph.  Those gate activations are determined by the positions of the Sun, Earth, Moon and other planets; however, as we all know the planets don’t stand still.  They continue on their journey through the celestial heavens and continue to have an influence on our daily lives. 

Although they no longer have any permanent effect on the gates in our Designs, they nevertheless exert their particular form of expression on each gate they traverse.  As they move from one gate to the next, they create different conditioning fields that affect our entire society as a human collective.  These changing conditioning fields are known as the “Transits” and may have beneficial and/or devastating impacts on our lives. The purpose of the Weekly Gate Activations newsletter is to alert you to these potential impacts.

The good news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  The bad news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  Whatever effect they have, beneficial or not, that effect will change by the next day.  It is important to understand that these impacts are only the energetic expression of that day and that tomorrow will bring a new expression.  The best way to make sure you don’t get caught up in the fickleness of the Transits is to live out your Design by following your Strategy and Authority.  Following your specific Strategy is like having an umbrella to protect your from the driving rain; honoring your Authority is like having a flashlight when the power goes out during the storm.  Together, they’ll get you through any passing energetic “weather front” the Transits might whip up.

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On November 14th I will interview Rev. Ric and we will give an overview of the following charts and how the activation energy impacts them.

Kristin’s Chart

Kristen’s Transit Chart
(Click on the transit charts for close up image)

Linda’s Chart

Linda’s Transit Chart

Cathy’s Chart

Cathy’s Transit Chart

1 is the lonliest number …

solar_will_throatThis line from a Beatles song was going through my head as I awoke from a dream this morning. The dream had been about the 37-40 channel in Human design which involves community and aloneness. The 40 (gate 40) is about being a part of the family and community. Community has rules and to be part and parcel you follow the rules and do your part. The gate 37 is about being alone. You can do your own thing as there are no rules to follow. Being part of a family or community is a bargain where you give up certain freedoms and take on certain tasks to be a part of the community.

The story in the dream was about a person I recently encountered. They were very willful and often pushy about what they wanted to do or what they wanted to have. Most of the time they wanted it NOW!  In Human Design this willful push comes from the  gate 21 the Hunter Gatherer.  When this is a push to manifest in a purely individual way  supercedes the flow of the community or family and it can push the person out of the community into aloneness.

The message here is clear.  Being part of community or family is all about going with the flow. We can still get what we want most of the time and still be part of our family, friends or community as long as we do it within the flow. The more we push to make things happen our way, on our schedule,  the more we break the bonds that tie us to the groups that we want to be a part of, and the more we push ourselves toward aloneness. There is a high degree of aloneness in the world and I believe a lot of it is driven by instant gratification. Let me take care of me right now. But falling for the instant gratification is actually punishing us with aloneness down the road.

Compromise is the key. Don’t allow the ego control and the push for now, now, now. Make compromise and go with the flow and you will find yourslef part of the whole, your family, and or your group. Compromise, you’ll be glad you did!