May 21, 2024

The Impact on Us of Activation Energy


A Human Design chart is fixed at the time of one’s birth with specific gate activations as shown by the red & black bars in the body graph.  Those gate activations are determined by the positions of the Sun, Earth, Moon and other planets; however, as we all know the planets don’t stand still.  They continue on their journey through the celestial heavens and continue to have an influence on our daily lives. 

Although they no longer have any permanent effect on the gates in our Designs, they nevertheless exert their particular form of expression on each gate they traverse.  As they move from one gate to the next, they create different conditioning fields that affect our entire society as a human collective.  These changing conditioning fields are known as the “Transits” and may have beneficial and/or devastating impacts on our lives. The purpose of the Weekly Gate Activations newsletter is to alert you to these potential impacts.

The good news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  The bad news is the conditioning of the Transits is only temporary.  Whatever effect they have, beneficial or not, that effect will change by the next day.  It is important to understand that these impacts are only the energetic expression of that day and that tomorrow will bring a new expression.  The best way to make sure you don’t get caught up in the fickleness of the Transits is to live out your Design by following your Strategy and Authority.  Following your specific Strategy is like having an umbrella to protect your from the driving rain; honoring your Authority is like having a flashlight when the power goes out during the storm.  Together, they’ll get you through any passing energetic “weather front” the Transits might whip up.

(above is an excerpt from Rev. Rics Webs)

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On November 14th I will interview Rev. Ric and we will give an overview of the following charts and how the activation energy impacts them.

Kristin’s Chart

Kristen’s Transit Chart
(Click on the transit charts for close up image)

Linda’s Chart

Linda’s Transit Chart

Cathy’s Chart

Cathy’s Transit Chart