May 21, 2024

The 3 Types of Thinking

There are 3 types of thinking in the Human Design System.

  • Logical
  • Inner Knowing
  • Abstract

Depending on how you are defined will effect how you most often tend to think about things. It will also affect how you learn and how well you can remember what you have learned. The more definition of one type of thinking the more likely it will be to dominate the way you think and process information. However, the one caveat to that is we can be conditioned in or open gates and channels by those around us. A classic example might be a child who is defined to think in an abstract way but they grow up heavily influenced by their logically thinking parents or the logically structure teaching in school.

Logically thinking is ordered thinking like a recipe or a mathematical approach.  Step 1 is followed by step 2 followed by step 3 and so on.This is probably more of an applied thinking style. You have principles or steps and then you apply them.

Inner knowing is a truth or a knowing that an individual comes to on there own. It is an internal knowing that does not always translate to others and is often hard to explain because you just know.

Abstract thinking is bring the different pieces of the puzzle together so they all mesh or fit into the picture or story. Abstract thinkers can see the whole picture even if some of the parts are missing. This is possibly the more creative thinking style.