May 21, 2024

Are You Perfect?

My wife Elvia and I recently had the good fortune of taking a some very relaxing days in Cancun. We have been working very hard and when you work for yourself and out of your own house the lines of taking a break and working become blurred. So for our vacation we were ready to just be pampered and taken care of.

One of the bartender’s at the lounge where we would have an evening cocktail before dinner would always ask us, “Are you perfect? Is there anything that I can do to make you perfect?” And yes we were Perfect. Right there in that chair at the bar after lounging by the pool in the tropical sun to melt away the long winter, yes we were perfect!

Flash forward to this past weekend and after paying bills and dealing with some menial chores I was  feeling very stressed out.  I was far from perfect. In fact, quite unlike m self I was a real grouch. Part of what made me less perfect was the extreme pressure I was feeling.

The root center is a pressure center and when we get under pressure to do things, like pay bills or make the money to pay bills, the pressure of the root center triggers adrenaline to be dumped into the system to give us energy “to do”. But in my case  it was a lot and like having 3 cups of coffee I was feeling so over powered by the amount of adrenaline dumped in my system that I almost felt paralyzed. It took me a couple hours of watching mindless TV to pull myself of the couch and go outside for a while and work in the garden to feel better. And using up the adrenaline is a great way to recover from the over pressured root.

The pressure wasn’t the only thing affecting my mood. The root center holds the gates of depression in the body. Ra actually speculates that people with an open root may have a higher rate of suicide as they have more opportunity to be under pressure which can lead to depression.  But even with my defined root I did not have immunity, as I was feeling the pressure in my open gates, and feeling the depression.

There are many areas in the Human Design system where we can come under pressure or influence of energies that will throw us off our center and out of balance. Understanding these can help you define strategy to bring yourself back to center. Often connected to losing our center is tied to worrying about the future or struggling with our past. But to paraphrase Ra, if you live your design then there is only one thing you can do and that is to live in the Now. We are a different person than we were in the past as we have in some way changed, and the future is the future and what we imagine may not even happen so why focus on that instead of what is right in front of our faces and that is the Now, which is happening and unfolding as we speak.

Living in the Now as Eckart Tolle and so many others have spoken is a sure way to get to perfect. I am not perfect today but I am a heck of a lot closer than I was last Saturday. I hope you are on your way to perfect too!