April 12, 2024

Free Teleclass on Human Desgin

I held a free Teleclass on October 21, 2009.


If you missed it or want to listen agian here is the recording.



Backgroun info on what the class covered:

How many times have you made a decision only to find it was not the right decision for you? That your decision made your life more difficult not easier.
In this teleclass I will get you started on understanding your design and on the way to decisions which will make your life better and easier for you.

This Teleclass will cover the history and basics of human design and focus on the 5 types and how they are designed to interact. By living your design you can lower the resistance in your life and make it easier. By living your type and strategy it allows the universe to bring things to you instead of you having to do all the work.

Make life easier for yourself.

Listen to the Teleclass and discover the possibilities.

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