May 21, 2024


Grrrrrrrrr! That is the sound that frustration makes.

That is also the theme in Human Design for 70% of the population who are Generators or Manifesting Generators. So many of us do get frustrated from time to time and some of us more often.

But frustration does not have to be a negative thing. I know, it can feel negative when it is happening, but you can use it as a sign or flag to alert your awareness.

Why does frustration happen to Generator Types?

Frustration most often comes from 2 cases.

Case #1

You are being blocked somehow? Generators are here to respond and when we are blocked or not allowed to respond properly we feel frustrated. I like to think of response, as a chain of response. The bigger the item the longer the chain.

For example, if I ask you to get ice cream at the ice cream shop we are standing in front of the chain is short. Probably just a yes or no and we get ice cream or not.

If I ask you to get ice cream and it is a 20 minute drive, then the chain lengthens. Do you want ice cream? “Yes.” Should we walk or drive? “Drive.” Your car or Mine? “Mine.”

If I ask you if you want to take this weekend workshop with me the chain gets longer still. “Where? How much will it cost? Where will we stay? do they serve food I can eat?” etc.

Often I think generators get frustrated because they skip steps in the chain. They assume that since their initial Sacral response was yes, that they keep pushing forward perhaps past a NO, in the chain, or a maybe. Remember, the Sacral response is connected to time.  It might be the right thing for you to do, but the timing might be wrong. Take the example above. “We’ll take my car to get ice cream. Oops, I don’t have gas.” So now we have to stop for gas and maybe that doesn’t give us enough time to get there and back or maybe I am short on cash. So now guess what? I am frustrated!

Case 2

When you are very close to completion, there is an extra tension or push to just get the last bit done. As a gate 15 of extremes, I know this one well. So you are pushing and trying to just eek the finish out and the frustration builds higher and higher the longer it takes. The frustration is a flag saying, “Hey I am almost there.” Now if you can make yourself aware, you can pause for a moment and get real with yourself. “Am I really close enough to finish or not?”. If not take a break and come back fresh to finish it off. We Generators like to finish, so we naturally push, when maybe we just need to step back.

What makes a Generator or a Manifesting Generator is that the defined Sacral motor. It is consistent energy like the car engine. Sleep and food are the gas and if you have those the engine can always go baby go! Because of this energy, we are here to do things, and do them in response. We internal know what we individually should be doing if we follow our Sacral response. The Sacral response can be heard in the mind or out loud as an ahuh for yes or unuh for no. Kind of like a child grunting. To other Generators, they may feel the response in the gut more as a feeling. Tightness if it is no and looseness or ease in the gut if it is yes.


My words of advice for all Generators:

Follow your Sacral response and respond to the yeses that are right for you right now. Respond in baby steps don’t go all in. If you are a ManGen, maybe you can skip some steps here or there but not too many. When you do get frustrated, use it as a flag of awareness and ask yourself,

“Am I that close?” If yes, “Should I keep pushing or come back?”

If your not close, ask yourself, “What is blocking me from responding?”

  • Lack of information
  • Lack of skill
    • need training?
  • Lack of tools?
  • Skipped ahead to far?
  • Responding to something I am not interested in?

If you follow your Sacral and use frustration as a flag of awareness I think you will find you are frustrated less often and it is not as intense.

Respond on, all ye Generators!