May 21, 2024

Will the real Ellen please stand up?

As I was watching Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show the other day I started to contemplate the contrast of her behavior on her talk show verses her advertised other show Ellen’s Game of Games.

On the Ellen Show she is generally fun loving, dancing in the audience and chummy with the guests. She often gives away lots of prizes and gifts to the audience. I saw an episode where she sponsored an animal wildlife sanctuary and with the help of a sponsor. I think she sent them $10,000, and a ton of food for the animals.

Yet on her show Ellen’s Games of Games, she puts the contestants through all kinds of crap that could be seen as mean. She has contests where people get sprayed in the face with all kinds of messy stuff, drenched with water, blindfolded so they embarrass themselves and fall down and at the end 3 out of 4 people free fall from a very high height through a trap door when they get the question wrong and lose.

So just who is the real Ellen?

Will she please stand up!

(I’m not the only one asking this question. Joe MacLeod from the HMM daily seems to think she is Mean. Read More )

But I think it is more complicated than that and I was willing to wager that her Human Design would offer some clues.

So in looking at her design the first thing that stands out is she has a completely open G center. People with and open G can have an inconsistency in their identity.  For some it is more historical. The become a waitress, then a singer, then a mother, then a teacher etc. All in an attempt to uncover their real identity that has resonance for them. For others, like Ellen it can seem more variable in the moment. So there is an Ellen that can be sweet and generous and caring and there is an Ellen that can be wild and insulting and embarrassing and put people thru trauma. With the open G these can easily coexist and show there face periodically.

Looking at her design, it would appear the driving force in her “Meanness” is the gate 51 Shock. The 51 is all about waking people up or shaking people awake into a greater awareness and into Universal Love. Remember, in Human Design all of the energy is trying to reach the throat.  Look at the diagram below.


With Ellen’s design, if you follow her defined energy channels they are flowing like a river from Solar Plexus to her Root to her Spleen, where the Sacral energy also pours in and then to the Will and to the hanging gate 51. The 51 stretches toward her Identity and when it can, makes the jump of energy  to the Identity and then out the Throat into expression. The 51 potentially acts as capacitor, which builds up energy and then it allows it to shoot past. In this case shooting past with the flavoring of shock.

If we go back and look at the channels that feed this, there is the 28-38 which is struggle or the game of life. Hmmm… sounds fairly similar to Game of Games! I think behind her  games there is a provoking quality to look at life and these things you are trying or doing to your self.

Is the embarrassment, fear, humiliation worth the risk for the moment of fame and or money you might win?

Additionally, as Ellen is a 5th line which is projected energy. The platform of TV allows her to project this same message onto the viewers. Would I get shot in the face with goo, or dunked in water or drop from a height?

The mere thinking about it can make you wake up to the contemplation about life and risks and what exactly is the game of life that we play every day and what does it mean.

To me that is not Mean, it is an interesting contemplation that Ellen is giving us an opportunity to ponder.

So is Ellen Kind or Mean, I think she is both and many flavors in between and her open G leads the way for her to be this way.

Human Design Report For Ellen DeGeneres

Gets your report.

Ellen’s HD chart


Dear Kelly

Dear Kelly Clarkson,

Please take care of yourself. While you showed a lot of heart and grit surviving and thriving through an appendicitis during hosting the Billboard music awards, your human design suggests you may be vulnerable to other health ailments, if you push yourself too far.

Wishing you blessings and Love!

Peter Roe ~ Human Design Coach

Kelly Clarkson has been on a whirlwind of productivity since she burst on the scene as the first American Idol in 2002. She has produced several albums, been on TV shows, produced a children’s book including an original lullaby and is a coach and mentor on the TV show The Voice. Most recently Kelly made the news as she hosted the Billboard awards, making a very energetic opening performance, all while in the midst of an appendicitis. Cringing in pain after the show she flew home for an emergency appendectomy. The Billboard Awards were sandwiched in between The Voice live shows which Kelly did not miss a beat and was back in the coaches chair the next week after her operation.

While I admire her perseverance, I am genuinely concerned for Kelly’s health as her human design shows she has a vulnerability. It is not public what her birth  time is so I will show a couple of charts. There are 2 things that pop out to me looking at her chart that don’t change through out her birth day.

  • Her Heart / Will center is completely open. This center is considered a pulse motor and needs to work then rest. Think about the heart. It beats, it rests, it beats, it rests. The Heart / Will is connected to self worth. People with an open or undefined center can push themselves to keep going to prove they are worthy, a true competitor. But without consistent energy, they don’t know when to rest.  The Heart / Will center is connected to the physical heart and the gall bladder. If you don’t allow the rest, you can end up causing physical damage. I have a friend who always accomplished things through will power. In their mid 30’s, they had their gall bladder removed. I ran their chart and sure enough the H/W center was open.
  • The other thing of Kelly’s design that stands out is what my wife Elvia calls the octa-Spleen. She has 3 channels and two hanging gates connected to the Spleen. Lots of splenic energy! She is wired to be in the moment, do in the moment, progress in the moment. It is not a surprise that she believes she can do it all, as she has all this energy to be in each moment.

If we take a deeper look at her connections to the Spleen this is what I see:

  • The 50-27 is the energy of Mothering and Fathering. It is nourishing and nurturing. Watching the voice you see her demonstrate these behaviors vividly as she coaches her flock of chosen artists.
  • The 34-57 is powerful energy to be and do in the moment. That is just what she does.
  • The 54-32 is a channel of progression, to work at it, to progress, to get better and better. I bet she pushed herself getting ready for her big number for the Billboard Awards.
  • Gate 44 – Is the instinctive or intuitive ability to recognize patterns or what needs to happen next.
  • Gate 28 – Is the energy of struggle or the fight to comprehend and understand more deeply what you are trying to push through.

All this make me think of her song Stronger:

Here she is appendicitis and all at the Billboard awards.

In conclusion, we can all get a little insight about the connection between our energetic design and our physical body, if we pause to take a look at our human design.

Since her birth time is not known, here are a couple possible charts for Kelly.





Grrrrrrrrr! That is the sound that frustration makes.

That is also the theme in Human Design for 70% of the population who are Generators or Manifesting Generators. So many of us do get frustrated from time to time and some of us more often.

But frustration does not have to be a negative thing. I know, it can feel negative when it is happening, but you can use it as a sign or flag to alert your awareness.

Why does frustration happen to Generator Types?

Frustration most often comes from 2 cases.

Case #1

You are being blocked somehow? Generators are here to respond and when we are blocked or not allowed to respond properly we feel frustrated. I like to think of response, as a chain of response. The bigger the item the longer the chain.

For example, if I ask you to get ice cream at the ice cream shop we are standing in front of the chain is short. Probably just a yes or no and we get ice cream or not.

If I ask you to get ice cream and it is a 20 minute drive, then the chain lengthens. Do you want ice cream? “Yes.” Should we walk or drive? “Drive.” Your car or Mine? “Mine.”

If I ask you if you want to take this weekend workshop with me the chain gets longer still. “Where? How much will it cost? Where will we stay? do they serve food I can eat?” etc.

Often I think generators get frustrated because they skip steps in the chain. They assume that since their initial Sacral response was yes, that they keep pushing forward perhaps past a NO, in the chain, or a maybe. Remember, the Sacral response is connected to time.  It might be the right thing for you to do, but the timing might be wrong. Take the example above. “We’ll take my car to get ice cream. Oops, I don’t have gas.” So now we have to stop for gas and maybe that doesn’t give us enough time to get there and back or maybe I am short on cash. So now guess what? I am frustrated!

Case 2

When you are very close to completion, there is an extra tension or push to just get the last bit done. As a gate 15 of extremes, I know this one well. So you are pushing and trying to just eek the finish out and the frustration builds higher and higher the longer it takes. The frustration is a flag saying, “Hey I am almost there.” Now if you can make yourself aware, you can pause for a moment and get real with yourself. “Am I really close enough to finish or not?”. If not take a break and come back fresh to finish it off. We Generators like to finish, so we naturally push, when maybe we just need to step back.

What makes a Generator or a Manifesting Generator is that the defined Sacral motor. It is consistent energy like the car engine. Sleep and food are the gas and if you have those the engine can always go baby go! Because of this energy, we are here to do things, and do them in response. We internal know what we individually should be doing if we follow our Sacral response. The Sacral response can be heard in the mind or out loud as an ahuh for yes or unuh for no. Kind of like a child grunting. To other Generators, they may feel the response in the gut more as a feeling. Tightness if it is no and looseness or ease in the gut if it is yes.


My words of advice for all Generators:

Follow your Sacral response and respond to the yeses that are right for you right now. Respond in baby steps don’t go all in. If you are a ManGen, maybe you can skip some steps here or there but not too many. When you do get frustrated, use it as a flag of awareness and ask yourself,

“Am I that close?” If yes, “Should I keep pushing or come back?”

If your not close, ask yourself, “What is blocking me from responding?”

  • Lack of information
  • Lack of skill
    • need training?
  • Lack of tools?
  • Skipped ahead to far?
  • Responding to something I am not interested in?

If you follow your Sacral and use frustration as a flag of awareness I think you will find you are frustrated less often and it is not as intense.

Respond on, all ye Generators!


The Super Power of the Open Throat

The open throat in Human Design has some amazing powers. But that power often comes with little or no words. This is because the open throat has very limited access to energy. It can’t sustain expression that connects with it’s targeted audience for an extended time, but it can distill a concept or a feeling with precision and depth in a direct way.

I think this song, “When you say nothing at all” by Alison Krauss sums up the super power very well.

And since I have an open Throat, I will let the sacral powered throat of Alison do my talking!

Click to see Alison’s full report on her Human Design.

Order your report here.

Speak your truth

It is always more powerful when you speak your truth!

That is a common saying but what exactly does it mean? In human design terms it means expressing yourself with your authenticate energy. Energy in your design comes in 2 basic different flavors.

  • Defined energy is consistent and you can typically draw on it at will.
    • In the human design chart it is represented by:
      • a colored in line called a channel.
      • a colored in half line called a gate.
      • a colored in shape called a center.
  • Undefined energy is inconsistent so you cannot rely on it all the time. It is energy that you can draw from those and the environment around you or I also believe you can channel at times from the universe.
    • In the human design chart undefined energy is represented by a white line, white half line or white shape.

There is a special case of undefined energy in human design called an open center. An open center has no defined gates to affect the energy so by being open it can more dramatically amplify or channel energy related to the expression of that center. See the chart of James Earl Jones below, he has 4 open centers.

So the power of human design is to bring awareness to what energies/expression you have consistently and what energies you don’t. With this awareness you can use your defined energies as your “go to” or base, and let the undefined energies compliment or enhance your authentic expression. Please note, the undefined energies need to have an authentic basis. If you try to manufacture them from nothing they will come off as phony.

Since the first time I saw this in the movie Field of Dreams, I felt it was one of the most powerful speeches I had seen. I wasn’t sure why, I mean I like baseball but am not really a baseball historian or avid fan.

Watch the clip and I think you will see what I mean.

Then after studying the chart of James Earl Jones I now see why. James was born on the incarnation cross of Laws. Your cross is extremely powerful defined energy so you will consistently express it. The cross of Laws is all about the history and moving forward cautiously with a foot in the past. In fact in a lot of ways his speech represents the cross of Laws better than words.  His open centers compliment or embellish this speech. His open Head and Ajna can amplify the inspiration of  story of these baseball players and the history, his open solar plexus is channeling the emotion and his open G/Identity can morph into the character, the baseball writer that he portrays in the movie. It is almost Jedi like akin to “these aren’t the droids you are looking for!”, when he says, “People will come!”.

If you bring awareness to your own design you can speak your true self and become a more powerful you!

Here is James Earl Jones Chart.

Why President Donald Trump skipped the Correspondence Dinner

There was a lot of media talk about President Trump skipping the White House Correspondence dinner. NPR reported that he couldn’t take the criticism and the New Yorker implied he did the nation a favor by skipping out. There are varied speculations as to why, but you need look no farther than his design.

Open G is the major motivator here. Donald Trump with his open G wants to feel Love all the time, but it can feel so inconsistent to him. He constantly needs to be reassured and that was certainly not going to happen at the press dinner. This is why he can be loyal to friends that may be dragging him down, like Vladimir Putin. They have shown him love in the past and he so craves that.

To avoid the criticism, President Trump’s need to feel love drove him to create an alternate love fest in Pennsylvania where he could control the venue and rule it with his channel of Rulership. This is not to say all open G’s will act this way. Trump’s behavior suggests his open G has been conditioned or hardened to protect the sensitive nature of the open G, which is likely why he lashes out with tweets and quips at his opponents and others.

One of the reasons Trump is so open to criticism is likely his gate 29 itching to say “Yes” to be loved. He has often gotten himself boxed in on issues or policy by saying yes before he has thought things through on what that Yes really means.

In addition, President Trump is of the cross of Eden. He always has his eye out for creating or being in “The garden of Eden”, whatever form that takes. Let’s see… getting mocked and filleted at the press dinner or a Love Fest where you are the rock star? Obvious choice for an ego manifesting emotional generator. You can see his efforts to create “The Garden” through his businesses. Always an attempt at top shelf, glitzy, glamorous, things you would find in Donald Trump’s Garden of Eden.


Do you think maybe in Queen fashion he is saying, “Can anybody find me somebody to Love Me“?

Perhaps not the lyrics, but the passion Freddie Mercury shows in the song, helps to highlight the unloved open G.


Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard together as the Carpenters clearly demonstrate the emotions of an undefined Solar Plexus. Neither of the 2 have a defined Solar Plexus the center tied directly to emotions. This is why although many of their songs were about being in love or “saying “Goodbye to Love”, they could put that out their with the same tone, intensity and a smile on their face.
It is almost as if the emotion is intellectualized in their songs. Whether they sing “Top of the World” or “Rainy days and Mondays”, while the words have emotional impact, and the instruments convey the mood, the emotions underlying their vocal expressions are almost neutral and not nearly conveying the joy or despair of the lyrics. Now contrast that with the pained expression by the band Nazareth in their sing “Love Hurts”.
The undefined Solar Plexus can empathize and experience the swings in emotions from sadness to despair and every flavor in between. This is what helped Karen and Richard write so many songs about Love and hardship but they couldn’t live and express that on stage consistently at the true level of those emotions.
Below is Karens chart and if you hover over the red circled areas you will learn more about her design and how it manifeted in her lifetime.

Ode to the Open G by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful singer and song writer. In this you tube she explains how she came to write the song Angel. The song expresses the empathy and extreme sensitivity of the open G/Identity center. She talks about life on the road and despite being surrounded by loved ones she needs something more, the arms of an angel to comfort the open G.
In addition, the song takes on the struggle of the gate 28, the struggle with meaning in life. For a musician the road can be endless. Despite a rewarding career it can beg the question, “What is this all about?”
Sarah explains how she came to write the song in 3 or 4 hours, demonstrating the power of the channel of abstraction, gates 64-47. While Sarah doesn’t have the gate 64 this is an example of her amplifying that energy around her, perhaps even from the writer of the Rolling Stones article she was reading when the inspiration hit her. Yes even writing is an energetic expression that you can amplify. From this inspiration she brought the pieces of the sensations and feelings of life on the road for all musicians and assembled them into this masterful expression of a song called Angel.
In much of her work, Sarah utilizes her open throat to bring a wide variety of sounds and expressions to life. Her songs often very on topic, pitch, rhythm and beat.
All of what I described is outlined in red in her chart below.
Follow the link below the chart to listen to her explanation of the song and then her beautiful rendition of the Ode to the open G.

Listen to her sing the Angel song.