June 12, 2024

Ode to the Open G by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful singer and song writer. In this you tube she explains how she came to write the song Angel. The song expresses the empathy and extreme sensitivity of the open G/Identity center. She talks about life on the road and despite being surrounded by loved ones she needs something more, the arms of an angel to comfort the open G.
In addition, the song takes on the struggle of the gate 28, the struggle with meaning in life. For a musician the road can be endless. Despite a rewarding career it can beg the question, “What is this all about?”
Sarah explains how she came to write the song in 3 or 4 hours, demonstrating the power of the channel of abstraction, gates 64-47. While Sarah doesn’t have the gate 64 this is an example of her amplifying that energy around her, perhaps even from the writer of the Rolling Stones article she was reading when the inspiration hit her. Yes even writing is an energetic expression that you can amplify. From this inspiration she brought the pieces of the sensations and feelings of life on the road for all musicians and assembled them into this masterful expression of a song called Angel.
In much of her work, Sarah utilizes her open throat to bring a wide variety of sounds and expressions to life. Her songs often very on topic, pitch, rhythm and beat.
All of what I described is outlined in red in her chart below.
Follow the link below the chart to listen to her explanation of the song and then her beautiful rendition of the Ode to the open G.

Listen to her sing the Angel song.