May 21, 2024

Ground Hog Day – Human Design Chemistry in Motion

There are great actors that can channel energy and emotion that is not their own or part of their design. But I believe often in Movies, TV and real life, you can witness the energy and chemistry as people interact.
I was watching this scene from Ground Hog Day and was reminded how good the chemistry between Andie MacDowell and Bill Murray was. So I looked up their charts and sure enough it was there in their designs.

If you look at the composite chart you can see they form 4 electromagnetic hookups.

  • The 59-6 connection is sexual in nature.
  • The 29-46 is loving, physical and the tendency to say yes.
  • The 7-31 is complimentary leadership.
  • The 4-63 is a mental logical connection.

These connections give them the chemistry to make it believable.

In addition, Bill’s energy gives identity to Andie as she has a completely open G / Identity center.
I think you can see this throughout the movie as well.When he is acting selfish or self motivated Andie is repelled by that identity.
As he evolves in the Movie to be more tender and compassionate like he is at the end of this clip she resonates with that identity and the chemistry come s to the surface.

Composite Chart of Andie & Bill
Andie’s Chart
Bill’s Chart

Note – Bill Murray’s birth time is not public record so his chart could vary from this. He could actually be a cross of the vessel of love instead of the cross of the plane. However that does not change any of the points I make above as he has the 4 gates to make the electromagnetic connection and the defined identity the entire day.