May 21, 2024

Incarnation Cross of Planning

Michael Jackson, Tony Randall and President John F Kennedy. I guess you could call that an odd couple. But they are paired together as they are all born under the Incarnation cross of Planning.
The cross of Planning brings together the channel of the family or tribe with energy that is talented, enthusiastic and focused. So in essence people born under this cross will focus and be enthusiastic on things that enrich or move their “family” forward.

Take a look at Michael Jackson. You could sum up the King of Pop as talented and focused with an extreme sense of dedication to his family. So much so that he built Neverland as his own family retreat.
Imagine the planning that took. Also, if you look at some of his most popular songs you will find they often have an enthusiastic element within them. In the movie, “This is it”,  released after his death you can see glimpses of the intense focus he had on the music, the sound the choreography that went into each number.

Tony Randall had a long career in TV, film and stage. He is probably best known for his role as Felix in the TV show The Odd Couple. In his role as Felix, Tony portrayed many aspects of this cross, always planning and working to keep the family of he and Oscar together. In a broader sense he always had a hand in trying to keep the poker playing tribe of guys moving forward in their own lives. In real life Tony  of shared his enthusiasm for Opera.

John F. Kennedy was also a  loyal family man. It was perhaps Kennedy’s Family values coupled with his talent for speaking, his enthusiasm and focus that helped propel him into the White House. I think it was possible that voters could sense the energetic message of his cross stating, “I am talented and focused to lead this tribe, the USA,  forward through the perils and concerns of the cold war”

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of the Planning.

  • Gate 37 – Friendship – The Family – This is the energy to be part of a community or group to be one in kinship and to be part of the tribe.
  • Gate 40 – Aloneness – Deliverance – When one lives alone they have personal freedom to live according to their will.
  • Gate 9 – Focus – the taming power of the small – This is energy that can be extremely focused on the pertinent details but can also become hyper focused and get lost.
  • Gate 16 – Skills – Enthusiasm – This is energy that is talented as it comes out of the throat to express itself and generate enthusiasm.

Here are charts for Michael Jackson, Tony Randall and John F. Kennedy who were born under the cross of the Planning. The four gates of the cross of the Planning are circled in blue on the chart for Michael Jackson.

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