May 21, 2024

Manifestors Amoung Us

Manifestors are here to be the creative spark to the flame of creation. This is quick energy. It needs to embody that creative juice and flow. They strike and something happens, something is initiated, something is kindled.

But Manifestors don’t function in a vacuum. They get things started but they need Generators, Projectors and Reflectors to get the thing of the ground. If we are talking a high tech product or idea the Manifestor sparks it but the Generators come in and do the work guided, lead and managed by the projectors. The Reflectors lend reflection to give feedback on how things are going.  At least that’s the way it should work if we are all living our design.

So to make things happen beyond the first spark Manifestors must inform. That is their strategy. If the Manifestor does not inform, the people around the Manifestor don’t know to come and pitch in to get the thing of the ground. There is a delicate balance for the Manifestor between informing and doing. When you stop what your doing to inform it slows things down. Part of the beauty of Manifestor energy is the quickness. That quickness is the spark of creation or initiation that leads to manifestation. Without the quickness there is not as much spark and without the spark, the thing or the project might not take flight.

In Human Design what makes a Manifestor and Manifestor is to have a defined Throat center that is connected to at least 1 of the following 3 motor centers; the Will, the Root, or the Solar Plexus.  (There is a forth motor of course which is the Sacral but having this with a motorized Throat would make you a Manifesting Generator, not a Manifestor.)

There are so many aspects that make up design it can be misleading to stereotpye  the different types of Manifestors, but I do so in order for you to get a sense of the flavor of this energy.  What follows is a description  of  the underlying push of the energy for the three basic types of Manifestors.

Types of Manifestors

  Ego or Willful Manifestor

A Manifestor whose Throat is powered by the Will is called an Ego Manifestor. The Ego Manifestor will typically display some of that pushy energy associated with will power. “I want it”  or ” This is how I want it.”  Ego Manifestors can be driven to be on their own trip. Remember this channel from the Will to the Throat is about hunting and gathering. This design is possibly all about collecting the toys or material goods. We need stuff to survive.



Emotional Manifestor Chart

The Emotional Manifestor may have will energy but they also have the emotional wave which will control their manifestation. They have less clarity in the moment as they need to ride their emotional wave. They not only have to maintain the balance of informing but they also have to maintain the balance of acting and waiting for clarity. With any emotional design clarity only comes over time from riding the emotional wave to the high and low points. The net result is that this type of Manifestor is not suited to always act quickly. In all they will probably have less true manifesting opportunities than a pure Ego or Splenic Manifestor. Here are two charts, one with the Will connected to the Throat and one with no Will connection to the Throat.



Splenic Aware Manifestor

The third type of Manifestor is called Splenic aware. In this case a motor center connects to the Throat thru the Spleen. The Splenic aware Manifestor is empowered with the knowingness in the now that the Spleen provides. This is probably the quickest acting Manifestor. Their action will generally be on a more global basis and less on the “its about me” basis. This is because the energy can flow directly from the Spleen to the Throat or Spleen through the G/Identity to the Throat. In this configuration it is not flavored by the “me” of the Will center. It is more likely to find the Splenic Aware Manifestor acting in a more altruistic way.