June 12, 2024

Profile 5-1 – Calling all ye Heretics

Okay, some of you 5-1 profiles out there kind of like the title Heretic and some of you shiver at the idea of being burned at the stake. But no matter what your position on that title, the bottom line for you is that in this life time the lead aspects of your personality are projected, The 5th line is a projection that is magnetic, alluring, repelling and it is not real. The basis of the projection is your design energies, be they shock, opinions, correction, joy to life, etc.

But the projection is not you actively expressing your energies so they are up to interpretation of the receiver. Since this is perception is almost all non verbal it is likely to be inaccurate or incomplete. So the people you meet will often form opinions or impressions of you that in the long term don’t match the real you underneath that projected field. Because of this dance of perception, it can become heavy and you are driven to escape the spotlight and be alone.

So 5th lines have this dilemma. The magnetic part of you wants the spotlight but after you have it for a while you need to get out. When you add in the driving need for change that also underlies the 5th line, we now have the Heretic. Someone who is calling for change yet we don’tĀ  truly know who you are and what you stand for. You can see the duality here. Beauty and the Beast all in this one profile line.

With the second aspect of their profile being the 1st line, the Investigator, 5-1’s have a need for finding out the foundational details too. It is through the details that you can carry that projection forward. These details or skills that you achieve can help put foundation into the change that you are driven to make. In comparing the 1st lines of profilesĀ  5-1 to a 1-3, the 5-1 will apply the investigation in a less consistent way. Typically the 1-3 is a fanatic about questions and detail where as the 5-1 will be investigative on a “need to know” basis.

Here are some charts of 5-1 profiles.