June 12, 2024

The Gates of Love

There are many places that the expressions of love can come from within the Human Design system. As we approach Valentine’s Day, let us take a look at some of the gates and examine what kind of love they may pour forth. The table below gives a detailed look at some the love of some of the gates.

Gate # Gate Name Gate Expression of Love
6 Friction-Conflict This is a gate of intimacy. Be it sexual, friendship or a professional relationship this gate is in control of expressing are you inside the inner circle or outside.
25 Innocence This is unconditional love. This love is cool to the touch. Love that is the same whether it is for a rock, a person or the ocean. It holds the energy of the spirit of the self.
27 Nourishment This is a love of caring. To feed, to nourish, to help give what is needed to children or those in need of being cared for. This energy love to control the caring.
37 Family This is the love of being part and parcel in a group, family or community. This is love that is willing to sacrifice individual needs and freedom for the good of the group.
45 Gathering Together This is a love of being in control of the material goods or the land. Through this control they can have others do the work and reap the benefits. This is a gate of a Monarch.
46 Determination This is the love of flesh or the love of being in physical form. It can be the love of physical touching or being touched.
48 The Well – Depth The love is in the detail here. This energy loves, in fact craves finding the depth of the information to make a complete project or find foundation in a logical thought process.
50 The Cauldron – Values This is the love of values as in family or tribal values. It is a fatherly love of custodianship and providing for.

Here are two charts of people who have the incarnation cross of the vessel of love. This cross is driven to share love in many ways. As you can see several of the gates described above are in their charts.