June 12, 2024

The Open Spleen

The Spleen is one of the more diverse centers in Human Design and it’s functionality includes awareness and body processes involving the immune system.

It is our oldest awareness center in our Design. The ancient mechanism of fear for survival has kept us alive by seeking shelter in caves from the wild large toothed animals. It causes us to jump back when we come across a snake. It is typified by that momentary flash of awareness which can instigate reflex actions.

The flash of awareness, like a lightening bolt in the sky, is the calling card of Spleen, for the Spleen is all about being in the moment. This awareness is fleeting so it needs to be captured when it arrives or it is lost.

In addition, the Spleen is often called the washing machine of the body. The Spleen functions to recognize intrusion, imbalance or foreign material within the body and holds the memory of how to take action to correct the situation.

With an open Spleen you have inconsistent energy. This means that these functions of awareness and the immune system regulation are going to be inconsistent. At times you may have incredible intuition but in other moments you may have nothing. Likewise, your immune reactions may be quick or slow. It is important for a person with an open Spleen to build a deep recognition system within the Spleen to counter the inconsistent nature of the energy. Basically you are building a warrior within, to take care of your body. A defined Spleen already has that warrior in place.

In general, holistic medical approach is better for an open Spleen design, as it is working with the body recognition system. Powerful western medicines like penicillin, step in an take over for the body and the immune system. This could be counter productive to the open Spleen. Essentially you are training it that you will step in with powerful medicine each time this illness occurs. Granted there are situations where urgency may require these medicines but in general the holistic approach is better for the open Spleen.

Because the Spleen is connected to the moment the open Spleen may have trouble with time. This may surface in being on time to appointments or it may just be about being lost in time.  The open Spleen may be so into the moment that they don’t have the consistent energy to be aware of other commitments. This can have a positive impact of being able to get very deep into something, but can have the not so positive impact of being very late or forgetting the appointment all together. Also the open Spleen may not be aware when the moment is over. This is why the open Spleen may sometimes hold on to long to things. I should know,  I have an open Spleen and a garage full to prove it.

Both Rev. Ric and I have open Spleen Centers
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