June 12, 2024

Two young new stars – Contrast of the Human Designs of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish had break out years last year. Their music and preforming styles are quite different and there are several aspects within their Human design that you can look at to highlight some differences.
G/Identity Center

Dua has a completely open G and Billie is fully defined. The open G is potentially influenced and shaped by those around it. In watching a few of Dua’s performances, she tends to have a polished and choreographed presentation. Her appearance is typically glamorous and her video and live performances I would say reflect a bit of a stereo type of other pop performers like Madonna, Brittany Spears  or Taylor Swift. It’s possible with her open G that her Identity identifies with this type of performer and performing method. Billie on the other hand seems to have an independent individual style that makes it’s own statement. In this clip from Saturday Night Live from her colored hair to her graffiti designed clothes to the visual affect of dancing on the walls and ceiling it makes a statement with a unique identity.

Contrast that to this video by Dua.

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is the center for emotions. Billie is defined emotional and Dua is undefined. In their performances, Billie seems to be generating and expressing emotion while Dua, even though singing a song filled with emotions, seems to be cooler almost reflecting what the emotion should be. It is a subtle difference yet it speaks from their designs. I also feel the anxiousness in Dua that may be coming from her hanging gate 36 which wonders, “What will this experience really be like”. Billie seems to have a confidence behind it emotionally like, “This is my ride and I am riding it”!

Incarnation Crosses – Cross of Industry – Cross of Education

With Dua’s polished and produced performances, there is a bit of cranking them out, like the next car or smart phone, here is the next one out of the factory. This cross is powered by powerful 34-20 channel and it shows. Billie brings the Cross of Education so she is going to tell you a story or educate you in some way. In the carpool karaoke video below with James Corden, the education pops out as she says at one point, “This song is 2 notes”. She is educating James and the audience that maybe wouldn’t notice this.

Profiles – Billie 5-1  -Dua 6-2

Billie exudes the magnetism of the 5th line, just look at her smile below. While Dua is quite engaging but I think it is her energy, that comes from the powerful 34-20 that is intriguing and vibrant.

What lies next?

It will be interesting to watch these 2 over the coming years. Dua will be going up on the roof in 3 years. Will she become more aloof and hermit more? Will she fall in with a different style of performers and morph her identity to match that style? Will Billie get tired of the limelight and the projection from fans and the media and look to escape. Will her defined identity allow enough space to continue to produce hits that draw people in over time. Only time will tell.

Click below for their Human Design charts and full report.

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