May 21, 2024

Two young new stars – Contrast of the Human Designs of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish had break out years last year. Their music and preforming styles are quite different and there are several aspects within their Human design that you can look at to highlight some differences.
G/Identity Center

Dua has a completely open G and Billie is fully defined. The open G is potentially influenced and shaped by those around it. In watching a few of Dua’s performances, she tends to have a polished and choreographed presentation. Her appearance is typically glamorous and her video and live performances I would say reflect a bit of a stereo type of other pop performers like Madonna, Brittany Spears  or Taylor Swift. It’s possible with her open G that her Identity identifies with this type of performer and performing method. Billie on the other hand seems to have an independent individual style that makes it’s own statement. In this clip from Saturday Night Live from her colored hair to her graffiti designed clothes to the visual affect of dancing on the walls and ceiling it makes a statement with a unique identity.

Contrast that to this video by Dua.

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is the center for emotions. Billie is defined emotional and Dua is undefined. In their performances, Billie seems to be generating and expressing emotion while Dua, even though singing a song filled with emotions, seems to be cooler almost reflecting what the emotion should be. It is a subtle difference yet it speaks from their designs. I also feel the anxiousness in Dua that may be coming from her hanging gate 36 which wonders, “What will this experience really be like”. Billie seems to have a confidence behind it emotionally like, “This is my ride and I am riding it”!

Incarnation Crosses – Cross of Industry – Cross of Education

With Dua’s polished and produced performances, there is a bit of cranking them out, like the next car or smart phone, here is the next one out of the factory. This cross is powered by powerful 34-20 channel and it shows. Billie brings the Cross of Education so she is going to tell you a story or educate you in some way. In the carpool karaoke video below with James Corden, the education pops out as she says at one point, “This song is 2 notes”. She is educating James and the audience that maybe wouldn’t notice this.

Profiles – Billie 5-1  -Dua 6-2

Billie exudes the magnetism of the 5th line, just look at her smile below. While Dua is quite engaging but I think it is her energy, that comes from the powerful 34-20 that is intriguing and vibrant.

What lies next?

It will be interesting to watch these 2 over the coming years. Dua will be going up on the roof in 3 years. Will she become more aloof and hermit more? Will she fall in with a different style of performers and morph her identity to match that style? Will Billie get tired of the limelight and the projection from fans and the media and look to escape. Will her defined identity allow enough space to continue to produce hits that draw people in over time. Only time will tell.

Click below for their Human Design charts and full report.

HD Report Billie Eilish

HD Report Dua Lipa

If you don’t know Dua or Billie here are 2 interviews that may give you more sense of who they are.


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Incarnation Cross of Separation

The Left angel Incarnation cross of Separation contains the energy and rhythm to realize when it is time to separate and move on. A key aspect of this is to realize when we are done with an experience coupled with being open to new things.

Take a look a our two celebrities Prince and Kim Bassinger. Prince was a rock icon in the midst of hugely wide popularity. His movie and album purple rain drew vast attention from the public and media. And then an interesting thing happened. He decided he wanted to change the experience and so he changed his name into a symbol. This certainly changed things because all the radio an media now had to refer to him as the artist formerly known as Prince as there was no way to say the symbol on the radio. I’m not sure if that was what Prince was after but it sure did make a change.

Kim Bassinger was a budding actress in the 1980’s with a great deal of popularity. Yet she struggled with the popularity and diminished in visibility from the public eyc. She was married a couple times, the latest to Alec Baldwin. After they divorced in 2001, she went to great lengths to keep him separated from their daughter.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of the Separation.

  • Gate 22 – Openness – Grace – This is the energy to openly share emotional experiences with others. This is a gate of being social.
  • Gate 47 – Realizing – Oppression – This is abstract thinking and the energy to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together or filter out the one nugget from the mass of data that makes sense. There is a lot of pressure in this process.
  • Gate 5 -Fixed Rhythm – Waiting – This energy is being in sync with the natural rhythms and may be visible in eating, sleeping and working.
  • Gate 35 – Change – Progress – This is the energy that can tell us what the experience has been about and how we should change are approach, if necessary, to make it different.

Here are charts for Prince who were born under the cross of the Separation. The four gates of the cross of the Separation are circled in blue on the chart for Prince.

Check out our discussion of this cross on our radio show. Click to Listen.
(Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Free Chart Post

****Note****** At This time due to time constraints from my 9-5 job I am not running free charts.

However I have some good friends that can provide you with a free chart!

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Human Design Book

This is the best books I have found on Human Design.

Karen Curry – Very straight forward with guidance on how to channel your design energies.

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Chetan Parkyn writes in a way that is down to earth and easy to digest. This book covers

  • Type
  • Profiles
  • Centers
  • Gates
  • Channels

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Human Design Software

The simplest free software to download and use is also at Chetan’s site.
Click here to go to Chetan’s software page.

Human Design Book on Gates

Richard Rudd has written a book called Gene Keys that goes deep into the meaning of the gates. He brings a depth to the story of the gate energy and breaks each gate into 3 potential expressions …

  • the Shadow – some may term this negative but there is a purpose.
  • the Gift – this is the energetic state of the gate that brings expansion and light.
  • the Siddhi – this is the most elevated state of the gate energy that might be compared to the Buddha state.

Click on the book image to go to the Gene Keys site.

Advanced Human Design Software

Eric Memmert of New Sunware is the originator of Human Design software. You can get a free version and have the option to upgrade to many different versions of the professional software.
Click here to go to the New Sunware software page.

Other Human Design Products

Human Design America has a vast assortment of books. They do tend to be more advanced and many are derived from Ra’s lectures so their organization is sometimes stream of thought.
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Incarnation Cross of Eden

On some level people born under the Incarnation cross of Eden are looking to find Eden here on earth. They are trying to find that utopia in one way or another in their lives. It could be something as simple as a hobby or as dominating as their entire lifestyle but they will be driven to find that place where they feel at home with the experience and the story behind it.

Unfortunately, there are often flaws in the perfection of our human utopias, so the cross of Eden can become disappointed in the reality . However, this can also become a driving force that results in them moving on in search of the more perfect experience or situation.

The cross of Eden is an emotional cross with 3 of the 4 gates connected or in channels connecting to the emotional solar plexus. This cross is ultimately about what is the story or history around a certain place or situation that will bring about an intimate experience that they can share with certain others. There is an energy of anticipation and caution in these gates so there is a strong potential for anxiety leading up to the decision about how this “garden of Eden” experience will turn out. What many on the cross of Eden find out, is that they may have to taste some not so good apples along the way, but that ultimately leads them to the ‘Golden Delicious’ experience.

Brad Pitt has had the opportunity to explore many Edens as an actor. Each part he plays is a new scene, new setting that he can throw himself into and see how the experience feels and works out.  Though it appeared that Brad had found Eden in his 7 year relationship with Jennifer Aniston, in 2005 he moved on to be with his costar from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie. Has Brad found his Eden with Angelina, only time will tell.

Helen Hunt has been in a variety of movies and TV. One of the most notable movies was Twister where she played a storm chaser. I think this element of anticipation and not knowing what will happen when chasing tornadoes runs strong in cross of Eden’s. It also feels in many of the roles that Helen has played there is an edge of nervous energy that I believe stems from her cross. Do you see that in her roles too?

Barry Manilow creates his Eden through his songs. As a prolific song writer and performer he has been writing the songs that “the whole world sings”.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Eden.

  • Gate 11 – Ideas – Peace – This is a gate or telling the story or painting the picture including the aspects of its history.
  • Gate 12 – Caution – Standstill – This energy is like a door that is either open or shut to having an experience.
  • Gate 6 – Friction – Conflict – This is an energy of intimacy and regulating what and who you will allow in for an emotional experience or interaction.
  • Gate 36 – Crisis – Darkening of the Light – This is the energetic emotional anticipation of what an experience or situation will bring. This energy can invoke anxiety and or nervous energy.

Here are charts for Brad Pitt, Helen Hunt and Barry Manilow who were born under the cross of Eden.   The four gates of the cross of Eden are circled in blue on the chart for Brad Pitt. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Incarnation Cross of Penetration

People born into the Incarnation cross of Penetration carry an energy that drives them to get to the point. It is an energy that is designed to break down hemming and hawing and create action, change or movement. People with this energy when stuck and really trapped may tend to just shut down when they see no way out.

The energy of this cross, is very present in the moment and is here to “Wake us up.”

The Mandala to the left is of the cross of Penetration and can help you understand how crosses are formed. Click on the image to the left to enlarge it. This will allow you to see how the cross is formed. The cross is created by the gates of the I Ching in the Sun and Earth,  from the two critical points in time, the time  of birth and 88 days before birth which is the point when the soul crystal is planted.

So you can see that each cross is composed of 4 gates, two from the sun and two from the earth. The cross of penetration is made up of the following 4 gates.

  • Gate 57 – Intuition in the moment. An instant knowing what to do, how to act, what step to take,
  • Gate 51 – Shock. A wake up call to the spirit. A jolt to bring love of all things to light.
  • Gate 54 – Ambition. The adrenal energy to move forward or to make progress.
  • Gate 53 – Beginnings. The energy of starting out and taking that first step.

Below is the chart of actor, martial arts specialist Jackie Chan. He was born with the cross of Penetration. If you are familiar with his work think about some of his movies. In the martial arts aspects he is always aware in the moment of what is going on around him. Ready to pounce or penetrate if necessary. His movies always have a sense of humor or comedy. This entertainment is designed to penetrate the soul. After all laughter is the best medicine. Watch a movie and just look at his actions and the way he holds himself. It has that air of penetration. Jackie is a good example of someone who embodies their  design.

Chart of Jackie Chan. (Click on image for Larger image)

Test Pie

[easychart type=”pie” title=”Root” groupnames=”Operating,Partially Blocked,Blocked” group1values=”5″ group2values=”3″ group3values=”8″ groupcolors=”FF0033,FFFFFF,000000″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]
[easychart type=”pie” title=”Root” groupnames=”Operating,Partially Blocked,Blocked” group1values=”5″ group2values=”3″ group3values=”8″ groupcolors=”FF0033,FFFFFF,000000″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]

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Human Design 5 part Coaching Package

The best way for you to understand your design is to understand your type, live your strategy and listen to your authority. It is all part of your design.

Understanding aspects of your design can happen fairly quickly. But recognizing and optimizing the way you live and make decisions can take time. I have designed this 5 session coaching package to allow you to have aspects of your design seep into your awareness, so you can learn to make the best decisions for you, to optimize you time, your commitments and your investment of material resources. Each session will include some simple homework for you to observe between sessions. The next session we will review your experiences and help integrate what you have learned and experienced. Aspects of your design will likely reveal themselves and allow us to go depper into how that aspect of your unique expression is influencing your life. Additionally, in the follow up sessions we will start to take a look at the designs of the closest people in your life as their designs affect you as well.

This package includes 5 – 60 minute phone or zoom  sessions spread out over about 4 months. By taking time in between each call it allows you to play with your design and get feed back, as well as allowing you to absorb your design in a deeper way.

Call 1We talk about your Profile, Type and Strategy. In this session you will have a full understanding of your basic design. I will work with you to give you ways in which you can try out your strategy and see that it works.

Call 2We discuss the results of your testing your type and strategy and draw in other elements of your design. We will take a deeper look at how your profile is affecting your life experience.  We will then build on the bigger picture to help you understand how the world is designed to interact with you. We will then put focus on your authority and how you should be making your decisions.

Call 3, 4 & 5 Each subsequent call will be based on where you need to go to focus and get more out of your Human Design. For some it will be looking at aspects of your design at a much deeper level. For others it will be starting to understand the design(s) of the people close to you in your life, a significant other, children, parents, siblings.

You can get all five coaching sessions and your custom 10 page report  for $600.

Once I receive notification of your purchase, I will be in touch to schedule our first session. I will also send your Human Design Report beforehand so you can start to familiarize yourself with your design. This will be emailed to you directly as a pdf. The recording (video or audio) will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours following our session.


Please know… ALL information you provide us for the reports is private and will not be shared. We highly value your privacy and respect your integrity.

Personal Authority

How do you make decisions in your life?

Are you methodical and analytic, scientific, emotional, spiritual or whimsical?

While we all may have a different way of going about decision making the thing we share in common is the impact they have on our daily life and the bigger decisions impact the path we travel on ours days here on earth.

So who you give authority for making those decisions is a BIG DEAL!

Those of us that make the logical, scientific decisions for the most part are giving our mind the authority.

For those who are ruled by a set of tribal or societal rules you could call it moral authority.

For those who make decisions in the moment it could be whimsical, emotional or just an awareness, depending on where your focus is or is not.

But for most of us we have come to this decision making by default, through trial and error or experience. If you look at your Human Design, you were designed with some inner guidance mechanisms that if you pay attention to will help you make better decisions.  Here is a table and some charts that will help outline how you are best served depending on your authority.

Authority Hierarchy

Authority / Type

Defined Centers
(key centers)

Emotional Solar Plexus


Generator & Manifesting Generator

Solar Plexus

Ride your emotional wave and wait for clarity. Clarity only occurs over time. You need to wait for that clarity or redo the hasty decisions that do not serve you in the long run.
Splenic Awareness Generated

Generator & Manifesting Generator

Spleen & Sacral

You have an inner knowing in the moment powered by the Sacral. You can use the Sacral response* by engaging your sacral,
Sacral Expressed Generated

Generator & Manifesting Generator


The sacral response* is your guide.
Splenic Awareness Projected



You know in the moment the correct action for you. This is not the mind or following a set of rules it is a knowingness. As your energy is projected look for feedback from those around you to help tweak your decisions.
Splenic Awareness Manifested


Spleen & Throat &

(Root or Will)

You know in the moment the correct action for you. Inform others as you make their way and measure the impact you create.
Ego Manifested


Will & Throat

Follow the drive to spark and initiate the new things that you do.Inform those that you impact like your friends and family before you act.
Self Projected



Bounce your thoughts and ideas of your friends and family. Look at the reaction and reflection to adjust your path.
None (or outer Authority)

Projectors and Reflectors

Head and/or Ajna and/or Throat or no centers Clarity comes from action and interaction from your environment.
*Sacral Response – The sacral response is avaiable to all beings with a defined sacral center. By asking a series of questions to the sacral being and having them respond with an Uh-huh (for yes) and an Un-Uh (for no) you engage the sacral motor. If you keep the mind out of it an purely respond from the sacral you will get clear answers for the direction you should take.


Here are some sample charts with different authorities.

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In this teleclass I will get you started on understanding your design and on the way to decisions which will make your life better and easier for you.

This Teleclass will cover the history and basics of human design and focus on the 5 types and how they are designed to interact. By living your design you can lower the resistance in your life and make it easier. By living your type and strategy it allows the universe to bring things to you instead of you having to do all the work.

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Turn Some Pages

The past 7 days has been anything but an easy ride. Someone very close to my wife Nina and I went into the hospital last Tuesday and it has required a great deal of focus, effort  and emotional support to help them.   On Friday I came down with the flu and spent the next 72 hours moving from bed to couch to bed. Thank goodness I feel much better today! However, how we spent our last  7days is not at all what we had on our schedule.

Our plan was a two days of vacation and then focus on our businesses to roll out new offerings for the fall, but life had a different plan. In life things happen and we need to roll with the changes.  In Human Design 50% of us are emotional and will in some form ride the waves of emotion. However another 40% of us create an emotional wave with the people we are in relationship with, close friends, roomates,  family or coworkers.

What this means is that almost all of us are riding some sort of emotional wave. In Human Design if you are riding an emotional wave it means that you do not have clarity in the moment. Without clarity you can not consistently make the correct decision for you intantaneously.  From the high joyful point we can wear rose colored glasses and all options may look good. As we take the emotional slide down to the midpoint or low point we get a different perspective and our decisions may change or become confused. It is only when we ride the wave for a while, like a surfer waiting for the right one, that we gain overall perspective and clarity.

We live in a land where the rhetoric is “stick by your decisions”. That is a good mantra because it helps build consistency. However since 90% will live emotionally at least some of the time, our decisions become clearer over time. When it comes to making decisions the early bird is not the best option for those 90%.

So while we bob on the emotional sea of life we can get pretty frustrated.  We are not always ready for the next wave that may wash over our heads. But if we can roll with that and stay focused on our issue or challenge then we will receive clarity over time and at some point you will know from deep inside the change or the decision to make and you can turn some pages to move on until the next opportunity comes along.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Reo Speedwagon that inspired today’s post.

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