July 17, 2024

Why Human Design?

Human Design is a self-help tool of awakening and understanding. It is a complex system and you can go very deep into  the mechanics and details or you can browse it and use it to make some fairly simple changes in the way you approach your life and the world around you.

At the core, Human Design is an amalgamation of multiple metaphysical systems in conjunction with quantum physics. The basic premise is that during the process of our birth, we are programmed by the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars. Quantum Physics has shown that we are constantly being bombarded by tiny invisible particles called neutrinos. The neutrinos passing through us in the womb create a “wiring system” within us. This wiring system has pathways where our expressions, reactions and tendencies are defined and repeatable. But our “wiring” also has openings that are influenced by the energies around us. This gives us the potential in these areas to have great intuition, but it also can leave us vulnerable. The net effect of these openings can leave us with inconsistencies in how we act and feel the world around us.

Human design is quite complex and you can drill down layer by layer to receive deeper insight into why you and others act the way they do.

The core components in Human Design are Type, Profile, Centers, Channels, Gates and Incarnation Cross.

  • Though type you can begin to understand basic principles of how you were design to operate in the world.
  • Through profile you can see the flavoring or seasoning that will be added to your actions, thoughts and interactions.
  • Through centers you can see where you have strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Through channels you can see why you do the things you do and why somethings you might not do so well.
  • Through gates you can see the archetypal expressions that come through in your actions and words.
  • Through the incarnation cross, you can behold the platform of energy, that you were born onto to carry out your life purpose.

From a spiritual perspective I believe that we are a combination of a soul with it’s own history, and a human body that our soul rides through in this incarnation. Human design gives us another tool to examine the journey, and perhaps bring focus or make changes to our approach to life.

  • Human Design can help us understand why we act and react in certain ways.
  • It can help us understand others actions and perhaps not take them so personally but look at them as just a mechanical expression of the energy of the others design.
  • It can help us understand why our approaches to certain things work and others do not.
  • It can explain certain quandaries that have befuddled us in our lives since we were children.
  • It can help us maximize our life experience.

So how does one start with human design? Get your chart and perhaps a report.

Look at the following:

  • Your Type, Authority and Strategy to shed light on how you should operate through life.
  • Your profile and see how it flavors you and your life experiences.
  • Your defined and undefined centers to see your consistencies and inconsistencies.

If it resonates and you see how it is operating in your life get a reading or buy a book and start to dig in.

Human Design is a tool of Self Awakening. It will not resonate with everyone, but it does hold something for everyone even if it just gives you a different glimpse into the human condition.


Click to see a sample report available from this site.