June 12, 2024

Bad Blood ?!?

Ever heard this one? “Some say it is in the stars.”

Well in this case it’s in the stars as well as it’s with the Stars.

The Stars are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and the Stars (and planets) are what formed their human design.

So I am not into gossip but human stories are great illustrators of how Human Design works.

The feud:

This story goes that Katy and Taylor were pretty tight friends for several years. In 2012 Katy had a year off from touring and  some of her dance troupe members signed on with Taylor for her tour. Katy said she told them she wanted them back the following year for her tour. In 2013, Katy was gearing up for her tour and recalled the dancers. Apparently, Taylor’s reaction was to quickly fire them and so it is said the feud began. Shortly after that Taylor wrote a song and produced a video called Bad Blood that was rumored to be about Katy.

In the beginning of the video it is not hard to make the leap that the villain is Katy, dressed in black, who kicks Taylor, dressed in white, out a window and the bad blood starts.

Bad Blood video

When we look at their designs it is easy to see the roots of why this happened. Taylor is a manifestor and she has the channel of rulership. One of her lead earthly gates is the gate of rulership. So imagine you are Queen Taylor and Queen Katy takes some of your dancers away. She has undermined your rulership. It does not matter they were first with Katy.  So Taylor, who is also born under the cross of confrontation, was not likely going to take this lying down. Her energy is going to react confrontational, and through that energy  the feud and the song are born.

In fact, Taylor has a history of making songs out of her ex-relationships including a song about John Mayer, whom Katy dated after her. Hmmm, Katy says this is not about a guy but maybe that energetically contributed to Taylor feeling she was being taken from? Hard to say.  Easy to say is Taylor wants control of her Queendom and with the emotional solar plexus and the gate 36, which has anxiety, excitement and fear of the experience, control is extremely important to Taylor.

As for Katy, she is not defined emotionally and she does not have such a need to control so this drama may be hard for her to understand. Easy to understand is that Katy as a 1st line had found foundation with her dancers and was very tight with them. So she felt entitled to recall  them as soon as her tour started up.

In the recent skit/interview with James Corden, Katy talked about the issue with Taylor. Interestingly, she also acknowledges her experimental/experiential 3rd line. Katy says  “I believe in everything having a reason and a purpose and a destiny, and I had to make all those mistakes to get to this mistake right here! (meaning the skit with James)”

Now 3rd lines, remember, there are no mistakes it is how you learn but it can feel like it cause the experiment is not perfect the first time.

Finally, both these ladies have the gate 10 which is often called the behavior of the self. This energy pushes you to believe that there are certain ways people should behave in relationship to others. If this story is true I am guessing Taylor feels that Katy crossed a line and vice versa. Interestingly, this energy can also be hypocritical, do as I say, not as I do!

I wonder if they would still be friends if they both knew it was just energy and not personal??

Here are the charts for Taylor and Katy.

If you are interested in the full story with videos, see it on Digital Spy where I found a lot of the background information.



Ground Hog Day – Human Design Chemistry in Motion

There are great actors that can channel energy and emotion that is not their own or part of their design. But I believe often in Movies, TV and real life, you can witness the energy and chemistry as people interact.
I was watching this scene from Ground Hog Day and was reminded how good the chemistry between Andie MacDowell and Bill Murray was. So I looked up their charts and sure enough it was there in their designs.

If you look at the composite chart you can see they form 4 electromagnetic hookups.

  • The 59-6 connection is sexual in nature.
  • The 29-46 is loving, physical and the tendency to say yes.
  • The 7-31 is complimentary leadership.
  • The 4-63 is a mental logical connection.

These connections give them the chemistry to make it believable.

In addition, Bill’s energy gives identity to Andie as she has a completely open G / Identity center.
I think you can see this throughout the movie as well.When he is acting selfish or self motivated Andie is repelled by that identity.
As he evolves in the Movie to be more tender and compassionate like he is at the end of this clip she resonates with that identity and the chemistry come s to the surface.

Composite Chart of Andie & Bill
Andie’s Chart
Bill’s Chart

Note – Bill Murray’s birth time is not public record so his chart could vary from this. He could actually be a cross of the vessel of love instead of the cross of the plane. However that does not change any of the points I make above as he has the 4 gates to make the electromagnetic connection and the defined identity the entire day.

Parenting and understanding the energetic side to family relationships

Parents benefit greatly from knowing their child’s Human Design.  Certain parenting strategies will work with some children and not with others.  Each child is unique and their chart gives you personalized insights that help you relate better to them.  These insights make your parenting approach more effective and your relationship more harmonious and joyful.

Human Design shows you how two people affect each other at an energy level.  It explains why a parent feels and behaves differently with one child vs. another.  When two people/charts come together in the same room, energies in centers can be amplified and gates and channels activated.  These energy connections can create challenges in the relationship.  Awareness and strategies can make a positive difference when this happens!

Here are the charts of a Mother and son and their composite chart which shows how their energy comes together.

The Penta or Group Dynamics

When 3 or more people get together a group energetic is born. This energy in Human Design speak is called a Penta. Through mapping out the Penta you can discover how successful the group will be at accomplishing task, presenting a solid and polished image, delivering a message and manifesting money. A penta could be a group of friends, a family, a sports team or a business.

There is much I could talk about the Penta but today my focus is on the number in the group. The Penta is most stable when there are 5 or a multiple of 5 in the group. So 10, 15, 20. I guess Jim Naismith had it right over a hundred years ago when he invented basketball. There are 5 on the floor from each team at all times. Groups that have 3 or multiples of 5 + 1(6,11,16,etc.) are the least stable. We even talk about them, the third wheel, the odd man out…
The energetic dynamic is such that as a couple moves toward becoming a group the 3rd creates unbalanced energy so the 3rd is either left out or the group finds a 4th. The same is true when a group of 5 gets a 6th, either one leaves or they look for a 7th. You can see the dynamic in football as well. Even though they have 11 on a team, they make it more balanced with the quarterback being the general and leaving a balanced group of 10 as the rest of the team.

This holiday season have some fun with this. If you are in a group of 3 and one is feeling left out look for a 4th to balance things out. If you go out to dinner with 6 see if someone, and maybe not always the same person, is getting up, to go to the bathroom, take a phone call or talk to someone they know. This happens because the energy is trying to get to 5. Maybe even a 7th will join you. Just remember if your the odd woman out it’s not personal and directed at you, it is just the energy.