May 21, 2024

The Penta or Group Dynamics

When 3 or more people get together a group energetic is born. This energy in Human Design speak is called a Penta. Through mapping out the Penta you can discover how successful the group will be at accomplishing task, presenting a solid and polished image, delivering a message and manifesting money. A penta could be a group of friends, a family, a sports team or a business.

There is much I could talk about the Penta but today my focus is on the number in the group. The Penta is most stable when there are 5 or a multiple of 5 in the group. So 10, 15, 20. I guess Jim Naismith had it right over a hundred years ago when he invented basketball. There are 5 on the floor from each team at all times. Groups that have 3 or multiples of 5 + 1(6,11,16,etc.) are the least stable. We even talk about them, the third wheel, the odd man out…
The energetic dynamic is such that as a couple moves toward becoming a group the 3rd creates unbalanced energy so the 3rd is either left out or the group finds a 4th. The same is true when a group of 5 gets a 6th, either one leaves or they look for a 7th. You can see the dynamic in football as well. Even though they have 11 on a team, they make it more balanced with the quarterback being the general and leaving a balanced group of 10 as the rest of the team.

This holiday season have some fun with this. If you are in a group of 3 and one is feeling left out look for a 4th to balance things out. If you go out to dinner with 6 see if someone, and maybe not always the same person, is getting up, to go to the bathroom, take a phone call or talk to someone they know. This happens because the energy is trying to get to 5. Maybe even a 7th will join you. Just remember if your the odd woman out it’s not personal and directed at you, it is just the energy.