May 21, 2024

Incarnation Cross of Spirit

People born on the incarnation cross of spirit are infused with a lively and empowering energy that can spur the rest of us on to “get into spirit”. Three of the gates, the 16, 59 and 55 carry creatively powered energies giving people born on this cross a highly creative potential. The gasoline here, the core fuel, in the mix is the gate 55, the gate of spirit, which is individual in nature. However the gate 55 has a high potential for melancholy and that coupled with the individual nature of this energy is not always understood by the rest of us. This can lead to the ‘not self’ expression of the cross. This not self expression according to Ra could be a whiny depressed expression of spirit or perhaps call it dispirited.
But lets look at the positive aspects of the gates of the cross of spirit.

Gate Name Gate Gene Key Description
59 Dispersion Sexuality The Dragon in your Genome Sexual energy to promote tribal continuity.
55 Abundance Spirit The Dragonfly’s dream Creative spiritual expression that is emotionally fueled to have an experience.
16 Enthusiasm Skills Magical Genius Talented energy that can be easily expressed.
9 The Taming Power of the Small Energy for Detail The Power of the Infinitesimal Extreme focus, sometimes hyper focus.

The gate 59 has a focused energy to reproduce for the benefit of the tribe. The gate 55 has a passion to have an experience. As it is individual energy it is potentially unique to that person. The gate 16 brings talent to express what is being thought of or being created. The gate 9 brings incredible focus to the thought and to the detail. When we combine the 4 gates there is the potential to have a masterfully creative inspiration that is fueled with passion, detail and focus to bring us closer to the spirit of whatever the expression and or experience is targeting it to be. Spirit here could be spiritual as in God or it could be in the spirit of understanding the complexity of chess. It all depends on the cross of Spirit that is expressing this.

There is a challenge and balance in all this, if the cross of Spirit wishes for their vision to take hold and be understood. Typically because of the gate 59 has the drive to make connection, they will want to be understood or their spirit embraced. The challenge is the individual nature of the 55, the driving energy of the cross, may at times be so unique, that unless the timing is right the rest of us aren’t ready to catch the spirit.  If the creativity of the 55 is required to compromise, to be more mainstream, there is the possibility the passion which fuels the spirit will bleed out before the impact and the fever of the spirit will be lost. So the cross of Spirit dances with these factors in hopes to be of spirit and have their passion catch fire and spread.

Here are several cross of Spirit’s whose passions vary quite a bit.

*Note – Azzyland and Michael Dell are noon days charts as there birth time is not known. However all day they are cross of spirit.

Shania Twain – Music Legend

Shania YouTube – Did you catch UP the spirit?

Azzyland – an Instagram and YouTube star who features video game-centric content and cosplay elements.

Azzyland YouTube – – Did you say WoW?

Michael Dell – Founder of Dell Computers.




A Cross to Bear?

The incarnation cross in Human Design is a significant influence in your life. The energies come from the sun and earth during the formation of your body, 88 degrees or loosely 88 days before you are born, and at the moment of birth. The cross is made up of the combination of energies from these 4 gates from the sun and earth and together they tell a story. From the spiritual perspective I see these as a platform from which you can do the spiritual work of your soul, like life life lessons and or missions of understanding.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who is known as Lady Gaga was born on the cross named Upheaval. The cross contains some sharper energies like; the Fighter gate 38, the Provocateur gate 39, Opinions gate 17 and Correction gate 18. Simply put a person born on the cross of Upheaval is here to shake things up, to get things moving that might be stuck, to express opinions about something with which to bring a deeper understanding of it, and ultimately provide correction to bring joy to life.

The fact is some crosses have softer energies, and some like Lady Gaga’s are pretty sharp. While I was thinking of the contrast of sharper and softer energies, the song “Easy, Easy life Sunday morning”, by Lionel Richie popped  into my head. So I ran his chart and there it was in his Human Design, he is a Vessel of Love, a softer energy.

But they all crosses have a purpose. Upheaval’s are here to make us look at things, to face things that perhaps we don’t want to look at or have been avoiding. They make us look at things in a deep way, to try and make them better or at least come to a deeper understanding and not just sit and ignore or passsively scratch the surface.

It has not always been easy for Lady Gaga. She was bullied as a kid and got a lot of bad press reviews as she was developing her career. But she says these experiences ultimately helped her to persevere. Perhaps some took her upheaval energies personally. A majority of the time, incarnation cross as well as other energies in a design are not expressed to be personal, they are just energy being expressed. The sun light when it shines into your eyes through your windshield is not personally trying to blind you it is just energy that was released.

Lady Gaga’s use of many different outfits, including at one point wearing a suit made out of meat, is also an expression of her completely open throat. The open throat can use dress and flare to hold the attention of the listener, since there is no sustainable energy  in the throat center to get or hold the attention or invitation in the first place.

You can take the approach that it is your cross to bear or you can take the lemons and make lemonade. Ultimately what we do with our cross, be it softer, sharper or somewhere in between, is to use it to stand on and pursue what we are passionate about. When we pursue what we are passionate about the brilliance of the cross energies shine through and illuminate those around us. They are impacted by our expression of our cross. Gaga has made a career of getting us to look at things in a different way and Richie has helped us feel it with love and tenderness. Both are using their crosses to support their mission here on Earth.

If you want to read more about Lady Gaga’s Human Design you can read her report here.

You can order your personal report here.


Here are some video examples of Lady Gaga’s cross energy being expressed.


Perfect Illusion



The Magical World of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Fred Rogers created a world where children could learn about the world in a safe and loving environment. He talked to children about all kinds of topics including death, divorce and racism. At a time when some white people were blocking and harassing black people in public swimming pools, Mr. Rogers had Officer Clemmons, played by Francois Clemmons, share a foot pool with him, to demonstrate acceptance, equality and friendship. While they were sharing the pool they were singing “There are many ways to say I love you”.

See Francois’s comments in this clip.

So where did the magic come from. I would say the magic came from the stars. Fred Rogers was born on March 20, 1928 into a human design that is on the cross of the Vessel of Love (VOL). Powered by the Love gates and led by his lead gate of Universal Love, Fred was born into a design to show that everyone and everything deserves love equally.

In Fact, I think it was the universal quality to his love that made it so appealing.  As you may know, there are 4 variations of VOL’s and I think another flavor may have slewed his energy in another direction. For example, if he had Lead Gate 1o, Behavior of the self it might have felt more judgmental; or the lead gate 46, Love of the body, may have been more into physical stature or appearance; or the lead Gate 15, Love of Humanity, gate of extremes, might have gone off in a more specific direction.   But he was just universal, the love was just there, persistent, present in  all directions in everything he did.

Here are a couple quotes by him that we could all take to heart.

The greatest thing we can do, is to help somebody know, that they’re loved and capable of loving.

Love is at the root of everything, all learning, all relationships, love or the lack of it.

The last part of the quote, “love or the lack of it” is something a Vessel of Love knows innately. Seeing love, being in the presence of love is like water or air, VOL’s need it to survive and thrive. Based on the descriptions of his upbringing and his life it seems he was well nourished.

So while the magic was in the seed of his design, his life and his actions allowed it to flourish. He followed his passions of music, flying, swimming and TV. He wanted to go into TV because he felt it was a powerful tool that was not being used for education. Boy, did he change that.

Fred’s Vessel of Love, gets extra power from his sacral center, with the channel 29-46 to say yes and push through getting it done, and the channel of rhythm 5-15 to flow when it is ready to flow. In addition, he has a well powered throat, with the 21-45 powering it with heart/will energy and the 35-36 providing the emotional energy to have and ride out the experience.  Reading his history on Wikipedia, you can see his manifesting generator path, responding to opportunities presented. He transferred after a couple years in college to focus on music. He was at NBC and decided to move to a local TV station to work as a puppeteer. In fact during that time he developed some of the puppets that became characters on his show. It was at this station, a few years later that the 2-4 opportunist got his opportunity to create his show that ran for over 30 years. His 2-4 profile was likely beneficial in creating his opportunities via the 4th line. Also, both the 4th and 2nd lines to added to his VOL qualities in making approachable, while the 2nd line got invitations as well as invoked some quiet time to absorb, digest and naturally develop dialogue for children on challenging subjects. All along he delivered sometimes challenging messages with an underlying blanket of love.

His work didn’t stay within the boundaries of the show as he was a champion of 5 human rights issues. More on that here.

So did the design make the man or the man make himself? I would say a lot of column A and and a lot of column B.

We all have magic and gifts within our designs. They are just the seeds and it is up to us to become aware of them and maximize the potential. Be a great neighbor!

Here is a trailer from a new movie out about Mr. Rogers and his great work.

Here is his chart.

Joni Mitchell – Every Picture tells a story


Every picture tells a story. The human design chart of Joni Mitchell is no different. Born under the cross of the Sphinx she is here on earth to give people direction through her expression. Girl, did she do that.

  How many people did Joni Mitchell give direction? Did her music and expression influence you? Her music, painting, self-expression  and creativity has been noted by many popular artists as inspiring them. I’m sure there are thousands, maybe millions like me that were impacted by her as well.


Joni was born with her lead gate 1 in the Sun. This is a gate of self-expression and direction. Individual expression. She has the gate 47 of abstract thinking or putting the puzzle together. I watched an interview with her and she talked about how when she played her guitar she would tune it with the ambient sounds in the area. She talked about one song, the Magdalene Laundries that she wrote on the steps of her apartment, and she had tuned the guitar taking in the sounds of the birds and other sounds of the city, putting those abstract pieces together. The song itself was inspired by a news story in a paper she had read. Her open solar plexus along with her gate 36, a highly charged emotional gate amplified the story and brought to life the sad tale of women of the Magdalene Laundries. I think that the melancholy in many of Joni’s songs are expressing the combination of the emotionality of gate 36, the undefined Solar Plexus amplifying the emotions and the sensitivity and melancholy of the gate 19.

See the interview and song


The direction that Joni gave a lot of us was not do this or that, but through the influence of her expression we were moved in a direction one way or the other. In fact this piece was moved by many years of listening to her music and last night I watched a movie that had reference to the Magdalene Laundries. I remembered her song about that so after listening to it this morning, here I am being given direction by Joni to write this piece. Sphinx’s are not here to tell us what to do, they are here to move or influence us in some direction. The rest is up to us, to move or not.


Another notable  part of Joni’s design is her throat. It is busting with expression with 2 channels, 4 hanging gates and 2 other potential gates. She is designed to sing about:

  • Leadership or leading via the channel 7-31
  • Secrets via the channel 13-33
  • Rulership via the gate 45
  • With talent and enthusiasm via the gate 16
  • Emotionality or anxiety via the gate 36
  • Individual thought via the gate 23
  • Individual expression via the gate 1

When I think about her song Big Yellow Taxi can’t you see a bunch of these come together?


It is no surprise in reading about her this morning that Joni solely produced most of her music. She has the gate 40 without the gate 37. People with this configuration are more likely to go it alone then make the bargain and give up some of their individuality to be part of a team, family or tribe. That doesn’t mean she didn’t or wouldn’t collaborate, but especially with the individual expression of her gate 1 and gate 23, she would want enough control to make sure her expression made it through the collaboration. Marriage too is a team effort and the end of her marriage of 12 years to bassist Larry Klein may have fallen victim to the aloneness of gate 40. That is not to say that people with just the gate 40 are doomed to get divorced, it just means they should be acutely aware of their need for their personal freedoms/expression and communicate with their partner to keep the balance of this energy.


Joni’s career lasted more than 40 years and a lot of that was due to her talent and her creative expression. From her folk singing days to rock to Jazz back to rock she kept adding individuality into her music. In fact, some of her later work she retooled her earlier songs to both fit the change in her vocal range and perhaps fit the change in her emotional perspective.

This live performance of both sides now, shows a masterful rework of her classic for her youth and expresses a lot of the elements in her chart.

Compare the 2 if you will





Getting right to it!

The Cross of Penetration is an interesting energy and it can be quite useful but it can be a bit abrupt or shocking. But it is all good because that shock is here to wake us up, to cut through the bull crap and get’er done!

There is a concept called fractals which when referenced in Human Design indicates a segment or pattern that we tend to attract. For my wife and I, people on the Cross of Penetration are certainly a primary fractal. Our son and many close friends are on this cross so I have become quite familiar with the energy.

So the other afternoon I was watching this YouTube of Kenny Loggins and Daryl Hall and the interchange they had at the beginning of this video struck a cord. The are about to sing, I’m Alright and Daryl suggests that instead of doing the gospel beginning normally done that they just get into it. Kenny immediately agrees, in fact before Daryl can finish his sentence. In fact, in watching these two interact, there really isn’t a lot of banter or negotiation it is just cutting through and getting down to business. See if you can see what I mean.

So of course I had to run their charts and low and behold both Kenny Loggins and Daryl Hall were born on the Cross of Penetration.









As I further thought about them and their songs I also realized how several of their titles and songs have that Cross of Penetration vibe. Think about it for Kenny; I’m Alright, This is it, Footloose and for Daryl; Wait for me, Rich Girl, Sara Smile. The songs are not particularly deep or complicated but the titles cut to the chase and the lyrics stay laser focused on the title’s theme.

While the Cross of Penetration can help to get us there in a hurry and cut through the red tape, I have on occasion witnessed a shadow side. Getting  there fast often means skipping some steps which can lead to back tracking or a do over. In a way, it can almost look experimental when this happens.

Here is another one from these two and again not a lot of back and forth, just getting to it.

Here is some additional information about the cross.

If you really want to go deep, here is also a radio show I did with Rev. Ric.

Incarnation Cross of Penetration



Speak your truth

It is always more powerful when you speak your truth!

That is a common saying but what exactly does it mean? In human design terms it means expressing yourself with your authenticate energy. Energy in your design comes in 2 basic different flavors.

  • Defined energy is consistent and you can typically draw on it at will.
    • In the human design chart it is represented by:
      • a colored in line called a channel.
      • a colored in half line called a gate.
      • a colored in shape called a center.
  • Undefined energy is inconsistent so you cannot rely on it all the time. It is energy that you can draw from those and the environment around you or I also believe you can channel at times from the universe.
    • In the human design chart undefined energy is represented by a white line, white half line or white shape.

There is a special case of undefined energy in human design called an open center. An open center has no defined gates to affect the energy so by being open it can more dramatically amplify or channel energy related to the expression of that center. See the chart of James Earl Jones below, he has 4 open centers.

So the power of human design is to bring awareness to what energies/expression you have consistently and what energies you don’t. With this awareness you can use your defined energies as your “go to” or base, and let the undefined energies compliment or enhance your authentic expression. Please note, the undefined energies need to have an authentic basis. If you try to manufacture them from nothing they will come off as phony.

Since the first time I saw this in the movie Field of Dreams, I felt it was one of the most powerful speeches I had seen. I wasn’t sure why, I mean I like baseball but am not really a baseball historian or avid fan.

Watch the clip and I think you will see what I mean.

Then after studying the chart of James Earl Jones I now see why. James was born on the incarnation cross of Laws. Your cross is extremely powerful defined energy so you will consistently express it. The cross of Laws is all about the history and moving forward cautiously with a foot in the past. In fact in a lot of ways his speech represents the cross of Laws better than words.  His open centers compliment or embellish this speech. His open Head and Ajna can amplify the inspiration of  story of these baseball players and the history, his open solar plexus is channeling the emotion and his open G/Identity can morph into the character, the baseball writer that he portrays in the movie. It is almost Jedi like akin to “these aren’t the droids you are looking for!”, when he says, “People will come!”.

If you bring awareness to your own design you can speak your true self and become a more powerful you!

Here is James Earl Jones Chart.

Bad Blood ?!?

Ever heard this one? “Some say it is in the stars.”

Well in this case it’s in the stars as well as it’s with the Stars.

The Stars are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and the Stars (and planets) are what formed their human design.

So I am not into gossip but human stories are great illustrators of how Human Design works.

The feud:

This story goes that Katy and Taylor were pretty tight friends for several years. In 2012 Katy had a year off from touring and  some of her dance troupe members signed on with Taylor for her tour. Katy said she told them she wanted them back the following year for her tour. In 2013, Katy was gearing up for her tour and recalled the dancers. Apparently, Taylor’s reaction was to quickly fire them and so it is said the feud began. Shortly after that Taylor wrote a song and produced a video called Bad Blood that was rumored to be about Katy.

In the beginning of the video it is not hard to make the leap that the villain is Katy, dressed in black, who kicks Taylor, dressed in white, out a window and the bad blood starts.

Bad Blood video

When we look at their designs it is easy to see the roots of why this happened. Taylor is a manifestor and she has the channel of rulership. One of her lead earthly gates is the gate of rulership. So imagine you are Queen Taylor and Queen Katy takes some of your dancers away. She has undermined your rulership. It does not matter they were first with Katy.  So Taylor, who is also born under the cross of confrontation, was not likely going to take this lying down. Her energy is going to react confrontational, and through that energy  the feud and the song are born.

In fact, Taylor has a history of making songs out of her ex-relationships including a song about John Mayer, whom Katy dated after her. Hmmm, Katy says this is not about a guy but maybe that energetically contributed to Taylor feeling she was being taken from? Hard to say.  Easy to say is Taylor wants control of her Queendom and with the emotional solar plexus and the gate 36, which has anxiety, excitement and fear of the experience, control is extremely important to Taylor.

As for Katy, she is not defined emotionally and she does not have such a need to control so this drama may be hard for her to understand. Easy to understand is that Katy as a 1st line had found foundation with her dancers and was very tight with them. So she felt entitled to recall  them as soon as her tour started up.

In the recent skit/interview with James Corden, Katy talked about the issue with Taylor. Interestingly, she also acknowledges her experimental/experiential 3rd line. Katy says  “I believe in everything having a reason and a purpose and a destiny, and I had to make all those mistakes to get to this mistake right here! (meaning the skit with James)”

Now 3rd lines, remember, there are no mistakes it is how you learn but it can feel like it cause the experiment is not perfect the first time.

Finally, both these ladies have the gate 10 which is often called the behavior of the self. This energy pushes you to believe that there are certain ways people should behave in relationship to others. If this story is true I am guessing Taylor feels that Katy crossed a line and vice versa. Interestingly, this energy can also be hypocritical, do as I say, not as I do!

I wonder if they would still be friends if they both knew it was just energy and not personal??

Here are the charts for Taylor and Katy.

If you are interested in the full story with videos, see it on Digital Spy where I found a lot of the background information.


Why President Donald Trump skipped the Correspondence Dinner

There was a lot of media talk about President Trump skipping the White House Correspondence dinner. NPR reported that he couldn’t take the criticism and the New Yorker implied he did the nation a favor by skipping out. There are varied speculations as to why, but you need look no farther than his design.

Open G is the major motivator here. Donald Trump with his open G wants to feel Love all the time, but it can feel so inconsistent to him. He constantly needs to be reassured and that was certainly not going to happen at the press dinner. This is why he can be loyal to friends that may be dragging him down, like Vladimir Putin. They have shown him love in the past and he so craves that.

To avoid the criticism, President Trump’s need to feel love drove him to create an alternate love fest in Pennsylvania where he could control the venue and rule it with his channel of Rulership. This is not to say all open G’s will act this way. Trump’s behavior suggests his open G has been conditioned or hardened to protect the sensitive nature of the open G, which is likely why he lashes out with tweets and quips at his opponents and others.

One of the reasons Trump is so open to criticism is likely his gate 29 itching to say “Yes” to be loved. He has often gotten himself boxed in on issues or policy by saying yes before he has thought things through on what that Yes really means.

In addition, President Trump is of the cross of Eden. He always has his eye out for creating or being in “The garden of Eden”, whatever form that takes. Let’s see… getting mocked and filleted at the press dinner or a Love Fest where you are the rock star? Obvious choice for an ego manifesting emotional generator. You can see his efforts to create “The Garden” through his businesses. Always an attempt at top shelf, glitzy, glamorous, things you would find in Donald Trump’s Garden of Eden.


Do you think maybe in Queen fashion he is saying, “Can anybody find me somebody to Love Me“?

Perhaps not the lyrics, but the passion Freddie Mercury shows in the song, helps to highlight the unloved open G.


Jim Carey – Just living his design

Jim Carey gave the incredible inspiring graduation speech below. I invite you to watch all or part of it and after I will show you 10 reasons why he was wired by human design to do and say what he did.













  • Projected spirit (gate 55 line 5). Jim has just past his Chiron return and his theme for the 2nd half of his life is spirit or spirituality. In line 5 it is projected. This is an emotional energy.
  • Guiding Hand (The incarnation Cross of Laws). As the cross of Laws he is wired to express the laws that govern our safety and well-being. He projects in the video that our well-being is dependent on following the laws that he has come to understand in the universe. Love not Fear. Faith not Hope.
  • Nurture (gate 50). This whole video is like a talk from dad. The gate 50 is Jim’s lead energy and by being in the 1st line he is wired to be very fatherly, nurturing and give foundational guidance.
  • Experiment and find the best way (1-3 profile). Jim’s life has been an experiment of what works and what does not. He found that faith and not religion is a way to open your mind and heart and to allow the universe to provide for the things you need in your life. Also, to allow the universe to provide those things without building a structure or expectation around how they will arrive.
  • Opinions and Correction (Gates 17 and 18).  Opinions and correction are part of the logical circuit. The circuits energy is oriented to logically evaluate a thing or a process. His energy to expressing opinions of what works and what does not and offer corrective action to make it better and bring joy to life.  Jim’s expression about choosing through Love and not though Fear is targeted to help you bring Joy to life.
  • Mutation (60-3 channel). This is probably more evident in his movies than in the speech but this is energy to create through mutation. He does talk about walking through that door when it opens and we all know that those doors can often mean or lead to change. Mutate from who you think you are supposed to be, into actions of who you are to be.
  • Direction (gates 7,1,13). Jim has 3 of the 4 gates of direction. He gives us direction by looking forward, direction from looking at the past and direction from being present. More info at  (
  • Be who we are (undefined identity center). Jim has experimented with who he is both in his movies and life. He has come to foundation that who we are, that spiritual self is greater than our personality or those archetypes in his painting. In think this fits so perfectly with human design as he is really speaking about being our true selves, letting go of that fear, emotional baggage and ego and just being yourself as you were designed to be.
  • Been there done that (gate 35). He has looked at life from many different angels and he has foundation as to what works best.
  • Knowing(Gate 61). He is designed to think and think or maybe paint and paint, and bring into knowing deep, deep thoughts.

Edward Snowden – Vessel of Love?

Edward Snowden was born on summer solstice 1983 under the cross of the Vessel of Love. But what energy is driving him to be the NSA / Government whistle blower that he is? The Vessel of Love… or the Vessel of Hate?

Being a VOL(Vessel of Love) myself I quite understand the delicate balance. Us VOLs would like to keep this secret, but hidden deep within our Vessel is a corner of hate. Let me tell you that corner can become quite nasty.

I remember in college I transferred my car registration from Indiana to Massachusetts and they wanted me to pay sales tax again on my car. My hate corner was up in arms, I was fuming. The thought that the state which had the history of the Boston Tea party, the very birth place of rebellion against over taxation was imposing double taxation on me. I wanted to write an editorial, to go to the state house, meet the governor, I think you get the picture.

Probably the 2 biggest factors in this hate corner are behavior of the self(gate 10) and the gate of extremes(gate 15). Gate 10 can be a bitch because if it sees someone doing something that is not fair, not moral or unjust then the energy wants to smack them upside the head and say,

“Hey, what the Heck! Don’t you realize that your talking on the cell phone so loud is ruining everyone’s nice day here at the beach.”

The problem for us gate 10’s is that people without them will not always see the impact of their behavior. That doesn’t mean we have to stifle ourselves in fact you shouldn’t or that corner can grow bigger and uglier. But we do need to be clever as to deliver the message in a harmonic and effective way. Otherwise it just breeds the disharmony created by the initial ‘bad’ behavior.

Gate 15 just adds fuel to the fire. It is going to react in an extreme way. So if someone has misbehaved, your reaction can be pretty extreme. Hence my reaction to the sales tax above.

So back to Edward Snowden. It appears he could not stand by and allow the improper behavior by the government to go on in secret. His extreme reaction, to gather up thousands of documents, to make a grand showing of it and to expose it in grand and extreme fashion. Even the result at current is extreme where he is hiding in Russia to be protected from the US government. Each new release of information probably feels to him like he is giving a slap on the wrist to uncle Sam.

There are other aspects of Edwards design that illuminate why he has acted the way he has. His gate 36 is an emotional powder keg, and can be full of anxiety about what will happen next. In the light of his revelations, Edward probably imagined the George Orwellian big brother, watching, knowing and controlling every little thing we do. His channel of initiation(25-51), wants to wake us up to what is going on. His curiosity(gate 11), led him to gather more and more intel. His talent(gate 16), enabled him to be good at it. His struggle(gate 28), probably kept him up late at night trying to reconcile the deeper meaning of this spy game and what it means to himself.

Another aspect of this hate corner is based in the foundation of Love. The Vessel of Love wants everything to be Love. When it is not, it creates disharmony and Love wants to rectify that. I find if I am watching a show or movie, I can really end up hating the Villain. I can’t wait for justice to come, to return love to those being plighted by the villains evil doings. For Edward, the sum of his design motivated him to act. Whether you applaud him or think he is a traitor, I think you can see that his actions were beyond his control. You could say they were written in the Stars. Ironically it was in his programming, aka Human Design.

It is important for all of us, but especially us Vessels of Love, to allow that anger and hate to vent itself in a constructive way. If we don’t then we can allow the corner to grow and grow and one day take over. Instead of being a Vessel for Love we will end up being the opposite,  a Vessel of Hate.

So back to Mr. Snowden. Was this love or hate or a combination? Could he have done this in a more loving way?

If the injustice was a friend cheating on their spouse or taxes, then sure, there might have been a more discrete avenue. But from the secret spy world that Edward was living in, this might have been his only option. A more casual disclosure might have led to his disappearance in the night. The emotionality of gate 36 would have certainly fueled that anxiety. I think it really boils down to a question of intention.

Did he do this for the love of humanity, that we should be spared this surreptitious intrusion into our private lives, or did he do it because he grew to hate the way the government was doing these secret things and getting away with them? On the one hand, NPR reported that he does want to return to the U.S., that he wants to be back home. Perhaps this is showing that he still has love for this country and its people. On the other hand, the way he has kept leaking documents indicates he may still have an axe to grind and wants to stick it to the politicians or secret service organizations. I think like all things, it is a sum of the parts, that both love and hate were at play here.  Isn’t that a duality in life?

Either way we may never know, but I will keep an eye out for his autobiography ;-).

Love, Peace  & Light,

Peter Roe

Incarnation Cross of Prevention

Jimmy Buffett and George Orwell were born under the cross of prevention. But what are they trying to prevent us from? Casual observation might suggest they are saving us from missing the party and “Big Brother”. While this energy is named prevention it also could have a more positive name of “how to not miss the joy in life.” This is because ultimately the cross of Prevention brings together a pair of gates from the Vessel of Love and a pair of gate from the Cross of Service.
So what we have are 2 love gates and 2 gates logically looking to bring joy to life.

In simple terms, Jimmy Buffett, his music and his traveling show of troubadours are intent on reminding us to look at life and seize the opportunity to celebrate and party.  I you listen to  many of his songs he is discussing the fun things in life, or issuing a warning, “Don’t try this or you may wind up in trouble.”

George Orwell took perhaps a more direct approach in his book 1984. In this book he presented the concept of “Big Brother” the omni present police is watching your every move. Perhaps George spun this tail from his experience s suggesting that mankind needs to be aware that a police state could exist without our knowing of it’s existance.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Prevention.

  • Gate 17 – Opinion – Following – This is the presentation of logical analysis of what is or is not working.
  • Gate 18 – – Correction – Work on what has been spoilt – This is the logical adjustments to process or things to make them better.
  • Gate 10 – Behavior of the self – Treading/Fulfillment – In harmony, this is energy of being yourself and being one with your behavior and actions.
  • Gate 15 – Extremes – Modesty/Humbleness – Energy that prefers fluctuations and swings in rhythm to maintain the internal rhythm within.

Here are charts for Jimmy Buffett and George Orwell who were born under the cross of Prevention. The four gates of the cross of Prevention are circled in blue on the chart for Jimmy Buffett.

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Incarnation Cross of Uncertainty

Now these ladies have certainly left there mark on the world but Jamie Lee Curtis, Goldie Hawn and Cher all were born under the cross of Uncertainty. People born under this cross carry a high dose of energy that is bound to create mutation an change. One underlying reason for this is that 3 out of the 4 gates are individual energy by nature. Individual energy drives us to do things “our own way”. When we do things in a unique way it can bring about recognition in others and become adopted by the greater collective. Of course the other side of this is that different thing we do can fall flat on its face.

Cher, for example, has a long history of doing things differently. Some of them were quite successful for her and became hip, and other aspects did not really pan out. One choice she made was the naming of her daughter Chastity. Recently, there has been a lot in the news about her daughter as she has gone through a transsexual process and now calls himself Chas.

Goldie Hawn while known for her acting, is a bit controversial in her religious views. She considers herself a Jewish Buddhist, and has a foundation which teaches children mindfulness awareness techniques. To some they might consider this combination of beliefs lacking certainty.

The most uncertain thing in Jamie Lee Curtis’s life may be what acting genre she will appear in. She started out in the horror genre but has since worked her way through comedy and drama. In addition she has made appearances in a number of television shows and has written many children’s books. Talk about mutation, she has a patent for for a diaper with a moisture proof pack that contains a diaper wipe that can be retrieved with 1 hand. She went so far as to limit it’s marketing to a company that created a biodegradable diaper.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Uncertainty.

  • Gate 8 – Contribution – Holding Together – This is individual creative energy which connected to the throat that creates self expression. Since it is individual energy it can be mutative energy.
  • Gate 14 – Power Skills – Possession in great measure – This is the energy to do the things that empower us. It is the energy of self empowerment.
  • Gate 55 – Spirit – Abundance – This is the emotional energy and expression of spirit.
  • Gate 59 – Sexuality – Dispersion – This is the energy of sexuality and the drive to continue the species.

Here are charts for Jamie Lee Curtis, Goldie Hawn and Cher who were born under the cross of Uncertainty. The four gates of the cross of Uncertainty are circled in blue on the chart for Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Incarnation Cross of Obscuration

Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Branson and A.J. Foyt were all born under the Incarnation Cross of Obscuration. People born to this cross can get lost trying to understand some interest, passion or passing fancy. Being lost in something is not a negative thing. It can have both negative or positve side effects.
Take A.J Foyt and his passion for racing. A.J. got so lost in his passion that he was the first person to win the Indianapolis 500 4 times. According to Wikipedia he is the only driver to win the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, the 24 hours of Daytona and the 24 hours of Le Mans. You could say he was driven to really know racing in many different forms and types of race cars.

Richard Branson is probably most famous for starting Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic Airways. He has made numerous attempts to set world records. Some of these have been to break the speed records of sailing from one place to another. His most notable was an attempt to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon. You might say he is trying to reach for the unreachable.

Hunter S. Thompson is an author and known for a variety of writings including including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Where the Buffalo Roam and the Rum Diaries. Early in his career he spent a year riding around with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang documenting their existence. His works often took a deep but obscure focus on the subject at hand. He is portrayed in his movies as a lush, obsessed in alcohol and drugs. Was this just a foggy obscuration of his reality?

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Wishes.

  • Gate 3 – Ordering – Difficulty in the Beginning – Once we make change or mutate we must finish the change into a new form of structure.
  • Gate 50 – Values – the Cauldron – Preservation which is achieved by the act of nurturing.
  • Gate 61 – Mystery- Inner Truth – The energy and pressure to know why.
  • Gate 62 – Small details – Preponderance of the small. This is the energy to put a name on things so we can analyze them..

Here are charts for Hunter Thompson, Richard Branson and A.J. Foyt who were born under the cross of Obscuration. The four gates of the cross of Obscuration are circled in blue on the chart for Hunter Thompson.

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Incarnation Cross of Wishes

What do Eddie Albert of Green Acres fame and Kevin Kline from a Fish called Wanda have in common? They were both born under the Cross of Wishes.
Eddie Albert on green Acres probably wished the people who lived in his town were a little more normal, though perhaps he did get his wish with the lovely wife played by Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Kevin Kline wished he could have all the diamonds in a Fish called Wanda but he didn’t get them in the end. Or did he?

Join us as we discuss the cros of Wishes on the BlogTalk Radio show. It is recorded so you didn’t miss a thing.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Wishes.

  • Gate 3 – Ordering – Difficulty in the Beginning – Once we make change or mutate we must finish the change into a new form of structure.
  • Gate 50 – Values – the Cauldron – Preservation which is achieved by the act of nurturing.
  • Gate 41 – Contraction – Decrease – This is rhythmic expanding energy but in order to fuel the expansion it first needs to contract. This energy can feel like melancholy.
  • Gate 31 – Leading – Influence – This is the energy to lead and step forward to voice that leadership in certain situations. This is leadership to the cohesive collective.

Here are charts for Eddie Albert and Kevin Kline who were born under the cross of Wishes. The four gates of the cross of Wishes are circled in blue on the chart for Kevin Kline.

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Incarnation Cross of Separation

The Left angel Incarnation cross of Separation contains the energy and rhythm to realize when it is time to separate and move on. A key aspect of this is to realize when we are done with an experience coupled with being open to new things.

Take a look a our two celebrities Prince and Kim Bassinger. Prince was a rock icon in the midst of hugely wide popularity. His movie and album purple rain drew vast attention from the public and media. And then an interesting thing happened. He decided he wanted to change the experience and so he changed his name into a symbol. This certainly changed things because all the radio an media now had to refer to him as the artist formerly known as Prince as there was no way to say the symbol on the radio. I’m not sure if that was what Prince was after but it sure did make a change.

Kim Bassinger was a budding actress in the 1980’s with a great deal of popularity. Yet she struggled with the popularity and diminished in visibility from the public eyc. She was married a couple times, the latest to Alec Baldwin. After they divorced in 2001, she went to great lengths to keep him separated from their daughter.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of the Separation.

  • Gate 22 – Openness – Grace – This is the energy to openly share emotional experiences with others. This is a gate of being social.
  • Gate 47 – Realizing – Oppression – This is abstract thinking and the energy to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together or filter out the one nugget from the mass of data that makes sense. There is a lot of pressure in this process.
  • Gate 5 -Fixed Rhythm – Waiting – This energy is being in sync with the natural rhythms and may be visible in eating, sleeping and working.
  • Gate 35 – Change – Progress – This is the energy that can tell us what the experience has been about and how we should change are approach, if necessary, to make it different.

Here are charts for Prince who were born under the cross of the Separation. The four gates of the cross of the Separation are circled in blue on the chart for Prince.

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Incarnation cross of the Plane

The Incarnation cross of the Plane is a blend of the cross of Eden and the Vessel of Love. In the wheel of the cycle it comes between and shares half of it’s gates with each cross. In reality the cross of the Plane brings together the intimate desire for an experience with the loving aspects of modesty and self behavior. In it’s experiment mode this cross will try to push the boundaries of what may or may not be acceptable to find out if the experience is truly accepted. In a sense these energies combine to bring the fictional emotional projections of what will happen into the actual behaviors of doing resulting in the physical experience.

Stephen King is a notorious writer of macabre fiction. His writing paints worlds of many different dimensions into reality. Perhaps his worlds are not the Eden in your imagination or the experience you wish to have, but in his work he takes you deeply in and lets you feel what it would be like if it really existed. He is a master at emotional and physical provocation with his work.

Vanessa Williams made the scene when she won the Miss America title in 1983. But her behavior was quickly brought into question when it was discovered she had posed in the nude for Playboy magazine. Her behavior, whether you believe it right or wrong, tested the collective as to what behavior we should be allowed to experience and what was is unacceptable. Ultimately she was asked to step down by the organizers and the crown was awarded to the runner-up. Vanessa rebounded to use her talents to achieve several honors in acting on both stage and screen as well as recording a couple of #1 music hits.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of the Plane.

  • Gate 6 – Friction – Conflict – This is an energy of intimacy and regulating what and who you will allow in for an emotional experience or interaction.
  • Gate 36 – Crisis – Darkening of the Light – This is the energetic emotional anticipation of what an experience or situation will bring. This energy can invoke anxiety and or nervous energy.
  • Gate 10 – Behavior of the self – Treading/Fulfillment – In harmony, this is energy of being yourself and being one with your behavior and actions.
  • Gate 15 – Extremes – Modesty/Humbleness – Energy that prefers fluctuations and swings in rhythm to maintain the internal rhythm within.

Here are charts for Stephen King, Vanessa Williams who were born under the cross of the Plane. The four gates of the cross of the Plane are circled in blue on the chart for Stephen King.
Bill Murray’s birth time is not publicly known. Is he a cross of the Plane or a Vessel of Love??
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Incarnation Cross of Demands

If you look at the energies of the 4 gates that make up the Incarnation cross of Demands, they are all very demanding.  LOL!  I am sort of teasing my radio show co-host, the Rev. Ric but if we look closer there is a thread of truth to this claim. The energies to some degree are demanding. They demand stillness, demand depth and demand securing what is needed to bring joy to life. This is a cross that demands betterment in life.

Now of course there is duality and one can choose to ignore the calls of their energetic design, but people born under this cross will internally be pushed to be still, dig deep and go out and bring back the things that make this a better life.

Besides Rev. Ric, our other 2 featured charts this week are of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Phelps.

Anthony Hopkins has always struck me as an actor that is driven to go the distance, to go that extra mile so he can really get into his part. There is a real attitude of preparedness when he graces the stage.In Silence of the Lambs and the other movies in this series, he is disturbingly good as a psychotic serial killer, Hannibal Lector. According to Wikipedia, he was quoted as saying that he goes over and over his lines, as many as 200 times, so that he can say them naturally without even thinking about them. Mr. Hopkins has certainly brought the joy to life to movie goers everywhere even if we were a bit scared!

Michael Phelps, also has demonstrated, that drive, hunger and devotion through his swimming prowess. Obviously, he was gifted with the near perfect body for swimming, but his energy has propelled him to accomplishments that very few have ever achieved. Also, in Michael I think in Michael you really see how the stillness works into the mix as well. All of that training and repetition. It has helped to allow him the depth of focus that he puts into action in the big races.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Demands.

  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 21 – The Hunter/Huntress – Biting Through – This is energy to go out and get what is needed to survive.
  • Gate 48 – Depth – The Well – This is the drive to dig into things in a broad or deep way to further understanding and bring about foundation.

Here are charts for Michael Phelps, Anthony Hopkins and our own Rev. Ric who were born under the cross of Demands. The four gates of the cross of Demands are circled in blue on the chart for Michael Phelps. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)
#Note – Michael Phelps birth time is unknown so this chart may not be completely accurate. I have provided 2 different charts, to highlight and illustrate some differences in his possible design. Regardless of his birth time, all charts that day do fall under the Incarnation cross of demands.

Incarnation Cross of Eden

On some level people born under the Incarnation cross of Eden are looking to find Eden here on earth. They are trying to find that utopia in one way or another in their lives. It could be something as simple as a hobby or as dominating as their entire lifestyle but they will be driven to find that place where they feel at home with the experience and the story behind it.

Unfortunately, there are often flaws in the perfection of our human utopias, so the cross of Eden can become disappointed in the reality . However, this can also become a driving force that results in them moving on in search of the more perfect experience or situation.

The cross of Eden is an emotional cross with 3 of the 4 gates connected or in channels connecting to the emotional solar plexus. This cross is ultimately about what is the story or history around a certain place or situation that will bring about an intimate experience that they can share with certain others. There is an energy of anticipation and caution in these gates so there is a strong potential for anxiety leading up to the decision about how this “garden of Eden” experience will turn out. What many on the cross of Eden find out, is that they may have to taste some not so good apples along the way, but that ultimately leads them to the ‘Golden Delicious’ experience.

Brad Pitt has had the opportunity to explore many Edens as an actor. Each part he plays is a new scene, new setting that he can throw himself into and see how the experience feels and works out.  Though it appeared that Brad had found Eden in his 7 year relationship with Jennifer Aniston, in 2005 he moved on to be with his costar from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie. Has Brad found his Eden with Angelina, only time will tell.

Helen Hunt has been in a variety of movies and TV. One of the most notable movies was Twister where she played a storm chaser. I think this element of anticipation and not knowing what will happen when chasing tornadoes runs strong in cross of Eden’s. It also feels in many of the roles that Helen has played there is an edge of nervous energy that I believe stems from her cross. Do you see that in her roles too?

Barry Manilow creates his Eden through his songs. As a prolific song writer and performer he has been writing the songs that “the whole world sings”.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Eden.

  • Gate 11 – Ideas – Peace – This is a gate or telling the story or painting the picture including the aspects of its history.
  • Gate 12 – Caution – Standstill – This energy is like a door that is either open or shut to having an experience.
  • Gate 6 – Friction – Conflict – This is an energy of intimacy and regulating what and who you will allow in for an emotional experience or interaction.
  • Gate 36 – Crisis – Darkening of the Light – This is the energetic emotional anticipation of what an experience or situation will bring. This energy can invoke anxiety and or nervous energy.

Here are charts for Brad Pitt, Helen Hunt and Barry Manilow who were born under the cross of Eden.   The four gates of the cross of Eden are circled in blue on the chart for Brad Pitt. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Incarnation Cross of Rulership

What does Dr. House have to do with 911 and Osama bin Laden?  Both Hugh Laurie, who plays the part of Dr. House on the TV show House and Osama bin Laden were born under the cross of Rulership. People born under the Incarnation cross of Rulership are here to rule their kingdom whatever that is. In the simplest form it could be a person who is a model of self rulership. In it’s most dynamic form it could be someone who is out to rule the world or at least change the ruling order.

In the show House, Dr House rules his kingdom and/or the hospital and those around him. He pokes, prods, teases and manipulates everyone around him to try and get it to be his way. Even his on going battle with his gimpy leg,  he has seldom asked for help as he attempts to rule his body as well.

On a much larger scale there is Osama bin Laden. As you  see in the charts below, not only was Osama born under the cross of Rulership, but the day of his planned attack to change world order, September 11, 2001, was carrying the activated energy of the cross of Rulership. I think this is an example of how the energy “behind the scenes” was carrying the events that took place in our reality.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Rulership.

  • Gate 45 – Gatherer – Gathering Together – This is the gate of the King and Queen. Energy that wants to rule their kingdom big or small
  • Gate 26 – Egoist – the Taming Power of the Great – There is a great duality in this energy and on one side is to accumulate, and amass wealth and the other is to guide others and the collective to efficient accumulation and storage of material .
  • Gate 22 – Openness – Grace – This is the energy to openly share emotional experiences with others. This is a gate of being social.
  • Gate 47 – Realizing – Oppression – This is abstract thinking and the energy to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together or filter out the one nugget from the mass of data that makes sense. There is a lot of pressure in this process.

Here are charts for Hugh Laurie and Osama bin Laden who were born under the cross of Rulership. Also there is a chart of September 11, 2001 which shows the energy of the cross of Rulership was activated that day. The four gates of the cross of Rulership  are circled in blue on the chart for Hugh Laurie. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

* Note – The birth time of Hugh Laurie is not publicly known. Charts for his birth date are all cross of Rulership and the defind centers are the same. His profile could be a 3-6 or 4-6 depending on what time he was actually born.

Incarnation Cross of Healing

Sandwiched in between the cross of the Vessel of Love and the cross of Service is the Incarnation cross of Healing. This cross essentially brings a blend of the two sets of energies, of love and of being of service. The net result is energy that lovingly, brings joy to life.

The cross of Healing is a left angel cross. People born on right angel crosses are going to be more self absorbed in their journey. People born on the left Angel cross are going to be oriented to the other people that share their journey. It is not about the impact to themselves but the impact to all those who are involved.

Will Smith was born under the cross of Healing. If you look at some of his movies like, Men in Black I & II, Hitch and The Pursuit of Happiness, you see intertwined themes of love and bringing joy to life. In the MIB movies, there is universal love for humans and aliens mixed in with a goal to save earth. This ultimately brings joy to life for humanity and the universe. In the Pursuit of Happiness, Will portrays a man with down and out luck, trying to rebuild his life and keep he and his son together. In Hitch, Smith plays a relationship expert trying to help men get the love of their life to fall into love with them. In the movie, he too finds himself in the middle of his own fight to land the love of his life. So  while cross of Healers are interested in the joy of others they are not selfless and are in pursuit of their own happiness as well. Hmm, that sounds familiar.

Chaka Kahn spreads her healing through her music. She has won 10 Grammy awards during her career and if you listen to her songs like, I’m every woman and I feel for you, you hear this rhythmic but caring sentiment. On Wikipedia it quotes Kahn as being happy about the evolution of music proliferation and the ability for individuals to download music because it breaks the monopolistic hold on music by the big record labels. More joy to life for everyone!

Christopher Reeve is also of the cross of Healing incarnation. Who can forget his courageous march before the public eye to bring awareness to the plight and battle that paralyzed people go through every day. Through 5 years of  private and public  efforts to regain his ability to walk, he has potentially helped to heal and motivate thousands of families going through similar circumstances. In addition, his efforts may well benefit people of the future through his speaking before congress about the promise of stem cell research. In the end, although he eventually lost his life to the progression of illness from his injury, I believe he and his design were instrumental in healing his family and himself from the trauma of breaking his neck falling off a horse.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Healing.

  • Gate 25 – Spirit of Self – Innocence – This is an energy of love with no judgement. It is universal love.
  • Gate 46 – Determination of the Self – Pushing Upward – This is a gate of love and the love is of the flesh, of the body. Love of the body which is a temple that we dwell in.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.

Here are charts for Will Smith, Chaka Kahn and Christopher Reeve, all born under the cross of Healing. The four gate of the cross of Healing are circled in blue on the chart for Will Smith. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Incarnation Cross of Service

People born under the cross of Service are here to be of Service. In a sense it is that simple. The real question is what are they serving? For some it may be to be of service to themselves. For others they may be driven to serve their audience, their community or their country. Being of service can take on any level of action from acting, to shining shoes, to being a mom, to fighting in an army.

The driving force in the cross of Service is logical energy that is looking to make things or processes better to bring joy to life. Ultimately this is what the cross of service is all about, bringing joy to life. A good question a person born under the cross of Service can ask themselves before fulling investing in a project is, “If I am successful at this will it bring joy to life?”.

The main reason for this “Joy to Life” theme is that 3 of the 4 gates are in the logical channel. Logic in human design is all about analysis of things and processes to make them better. When they are made better it results in more satisfaction or more efficiency allowing us more time to enjoy life.

Denzel Washington is a cross of service. In many of his movies he portrays a good guy trying to get to the bottom of a problem or situation to resolve things to make it better for the collective. Two such recent movies were the Taking of Pelham One Two Three and The book of Eli. In Pelham he plays a subway dispatcher when he gets drawn into to acts as a negotiator on a kidnapping scheme master minded by John Travolta. Throughout the role he exudes trying to be of service to get John Travolta what he wants while trying to save the hostages. In the book of Eli, he plays a blind man traveling in an apocalyptic world with the last known copy of the bible. His mission is to get it to a place where it is safe and can be replicated to reseed the word of God. In both movies, both roles are perfect for the cross of Service. I believe Denzel is so believable because he carries the underlying energy of Service to support his acting talent.

Sarah Jessica Parker is also a cross of Service. In her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series and movies Sex in the City, she plays a journalist trying to be of Service to give her readers, mainly women, advise about sex, romance and love in the fast paced world of New York. In life Sarah provides service as a mother, director, producer and actor. In a recent Marie Claire interview she talked about how she is judged at times unfairly. A publication ran an article about how she used her status to get out of jury duty despite her vehemently denying it. In fact she went on to talk about how deeply she cares about a lot of things saying ” I think I care because I care. I’ve been on movie sets where people were just going through the motions. I don’t ever want to be one of those people who doesn’t want to be there.” In just going through the motions there is not much joy in life and for most people born under the cross of Service that just won’t fly.

Olivia Newton-John was famous in the 70’s and 80’s for here singing. While she still has pursued a singing career she is more recently known for her advocacy for UNICEF, Breast Cancer and to build a wellness center in Australia.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Service.

  • Gate 17 – Opinion – Following – This is the presentation of logical analysis of what is or is not working.
  • Gate 18 – – Correction – Work on what has been spoilt – This is the logical adjustments to process or things  to make them better.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.

Here are charts for Denzel Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Newton-John, all born under the cross of Service. The four gate of the cross of Service are circled in blue on the chart for Denzel. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Incarnation cross of Cycles

People born under the Incarnation cross of Cycles are born with 2 channels that drive their design. These two channels define the three centers that they connect so all people born under this cross will have the Root, Spleen and Sacral centers defined. This means that they will be a Generator or Manifesting Generator and are designed to have energy to make progress and move forward with a periodic or cyclical rhythm.

The 54-32 channel of Transformation which connects the Root to the Spleen center, is energy that is driven to work its way up the hierarchy or push forward change. The 53-42 channel of Maturation which connects the Root to the Sacral, is energy that has a cyclical wave, staring, then growing stronger, moving forward, and then easing into the finish.

Bill Cosby whose Mandala is pictured above, was born under the cross of cycles. As you look back over his career as a comedian, you see a steady progression of development of projects for TV and film that he managed or participated in. He started as a stand up comedian and then progressed to TV with the Bill Cosby show, Fat Albert and the kids, and the more successful The Cosby Show. At a macro level, each effort went through this cycle of development, progression and maturity that is embodied in the energy of these 4 gates that create these two channels.

I think if you look on a micro level at the detail of some of Bill’s stand up routines, and some of his TV episodes you will see the cycle and progression of the energy as well.

The pattern exists in his personal education as well. He left Temple university to pursue his career as a comedian before graduating, but returned to finish and get his degree. He then went on to get an MA from the University of Massachusetts.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Cycles.

  • Gate 42 – Growth – Increase – This is the energy at the end of a cycle, and as we let go of what is completing we make room for new growth or increase.
  • Gate 53 – Beginnings – Development – This is the energy of starting a new project or venture or a new page for an old one.
  • Gate 54 – Ambition – The Marrying Maiden – This is energy that is looking to work its way up, to climb the ladder to a higher position or a greater place of being.
  • Gate 32 – Continuity – Duration – This is energy that picks up, or smells when change is needed for stability or knows when things are safe to remain.

Here is the chart for Bill Cosby born under the cross of Cycles. The four gates of the cross of Cycles are circled in blue. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation Cross of Tension

People born under the cross of Tension have energy to push through, bite through, provoke and or get to depth to have a clearer understanding or deeper knowing. This combination of energies may not always feel comfortable to themselves or others, especially if it is taken personally, but it is a real gift because it is designed to enable us to work through things that may have us feeling stuck.

The energy is designed to help those born under this cross as well as those around them make progress through potentially difficult waters.

Here we have the mandala for J.R.R. Tolkien born under the cross of Tension. His books the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy enable the reader to examine several concepts that humankind has explored for thousands of years. Tolkien in his stories takes us very deeply in the topic of Good verses Evil. His imagery and imagination provokes the mind to delve deeper into this contemplation, and to examine the conflict of good and evil through the eyes of many species such as Elves, Hobbits, Wizards and Trees. With the ring, Tolkien directs our focus on the topic of power and the obsession to be in control of power. He also helps us examine the lure of being a God of sorts with the ability to disappear.

P.T. Barnum also born under the cross of Tension is probably best known for his circus which had many names but in the early years was called, “P. T. Barnum’s Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan & Hippodrome,” a traveling circus, menagerie and museum of freaks. The presentation of these oddities is a classic cross of Tension ruse to get us to examine what is normal, what is special and what is weird with in our lives and for others.

Barnum was also involved in politics  addressing racism and around 1850 was involved in a hoax that involved a weed that would turn black people white. He produced minstrel shows that used double edged humor and utilized  satire of whites racist attitudes.

Barnum always said his shows were designed to line his coffers, but through his work he gave the public an opportunity to examine their understanding of their attitudes about people, places and things in life. His presentation was not always comfortable for everyone in the audience but underlying it was this energy of tension, with the potential to move us to a deeper place.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Consciousness.

  • Gate 39 – Provocation – Obstruction – energy to needle or poke to get stuck energy unstuck.
  • Gate 38 – Fighter – Opposition – energy to physically push through the struggle of understanding to a clearer place of knowing.
  • Gate 48 – Depth – The Well – energy driven to go deep into detail or wide into breadth to clearly understand the logic of a situation or process.
  • Gate 21 – Huntress/Hunter – Biting Through – energy to go get what we need and want.

Here are charts for J.R.R. Tolkien, Mel Gibson, and P.T. Barnum, all born under the cross of Tension. . The four gate of the cross of Tension are circled in blue on the chart for  J.R.R. Tolkien. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of Consciousness

People born under the cross of Consciousness are under pressure to make sense of certain aspects of the world. They are here to bring rhythm and change into are lives. They are here to make us aware of aspects of our lives so we can follow a progression of change or choose to stay the way we are. But whether we change or not the awareness they bring cannot be ignored.

Walt Disney spent most of his life bringing change to the way people experience  life. Through his cartoons and movies he gave people art, entertainment and the opportunity to explore patterns. Often it included age old contemplations of concepts like good verses evil.

Through his theme parks he gave people an opportunity into a wide variety of experiences. At Disney World, you can experience the thrill of roller coasters and log flumes, take a quiet boat ride through the jungle, plunge below the surface in a submarine or ride through the plains of wild animals from Africa. At Epcot you can sample foods from all over the world and learn of cultures from near and far.  It seems a major theme of  his life was to bring this awareness to each person he touched.

For many years Paul Harvey was a radio news broadcaster for ABC radio. At his peak he reached 24 million listeners a day. He delivered the news with a rhythm and a flair for making the listener aware of what was happening in the world. He would typically add in human interest story, dubbed “The rest of the story”,  to add to the listeners experience.  He also did the commercials for sponsors in an informative way as opposed to a big sales pitch. He often spoke about how things were changing by presenting the facts so you could decide if the change was good or not. Each day you could listen to Paul Harvey and he would bring an awareness into your life.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of  Consciousness.

  • Gate 64 – Confusion – Before Contemplation – This is the recognition of lots of elements that are related but asks the question, “How do these all fit together?”
  • Gate 63 -Doubt – After Contemplation – This is logical energy that judges the validity of a pattern or product and asks, “Does this work?”
  • Gate 5 -Fixed Rhythm – Waiting – This energy is being in sync with the natural rhythms and may be visible in eating, sleeping and working.
  • Gate 35 – Change – Progress – This is the energy that can tell us what the experience has been about and how we should change are approach, if necessary,  to make it different.

Here are charts for Walt Disney, Paul Harvey and Beyonce Knowles, all born under the cross of Consciousness. The four gate of the cross of Consciousness are circled in blue on the chart for Walt Disney. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of Explanation

What do Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Hathaway and Dennis Rodman have in common? Well if you answered they all played for the same basketball team you are incorrect. The correct answer is they are all born into the Incarnation cross of Explanation.

The incarnation cross of Explanation carries a unique channel of self expression and individual knowing. This channel, the 43-23,  carries the nickname of the “freak to genius” channel. This is due to the fact that the expression coming from this channel is very individual in nature and at times can be so strange or new that no one gets it. On the other hand the information contained in this expression can be such a fascinating way of looking at something that it can leave people in awe of the genius to come up with such an idea.

The other two gates; gate 4,  contains the energy to evaluate a pattern and create a hypothesis about that pattern and the other gate 49 is the gate of revolution.

In general when you blend this all together you have the energy to logically evaluate what is going on and then lend an individual commentary or expression about it. In some cases it might agree with the status quo and in other cases it might drastically be different.

If you google “Dennis Rodman pictures” you will find that he has a drastically different fashion sense from the status quo. I might call it freakish but others might call him a genius 😉

Here is a brief description of the 4 gates of the cross of Explanation.

  • Gate 23 – Assimilation – Bringing a structured understanding to possibly complex knowing, perhaps simplified into an individualized concept.
  • Gate 43 – Insight – This is the “I know” gate because it is unique understanding in an individual way. People with this gate without the gate 23 may say “I know” or “you know” frequently.
  • Gate 4 – Formulization – Nick named “the answer”, this gate evaluates patterns and proposes the are correct or how they are wrong. But really this is just the hypothesis, hence the I Ching name Youthful Folly.
  • Gate 49 – Revolution – If it works it is good but if it doesn’t it is time for a change.

Here are charts for Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Hathaway, and Dennis Rodman all born into the cross of Explanation. (Click on image for Larger image)