October 19, 2021

Incarnation Cross of Demands

If you look at the energies of the 4 gates that make up the Incarnation cross of Demands, they are all very demanding.  LOL!  I am sort of teasing my radio show co-host, the Rev. Ric but if we look closer there is a thread of truth to this claim. The energies to some degree are demanding. They demand stillness, demand depth and demand securing what is needed to bring joy to life. This is a cross that demands betterment in life.

Now of course there is duality and one can choose to ignore the calls of their energetic design, but people born under this cross will internally be pushed to be still, dig deep and go out and bring back the things that make this a better life.

Besides Rev. Ric, our other 2 featured charts this week are of Anthony Hopkins and Michael Phelps.

Anthony Hopkins has always struck me as an actor that is driven to go the distance, to go that extra mile so he can really get into his part. There is a real attitude of preparedness when he graces the stage.In Silence of the Lambs and the other movies in this series, he is disturbingly good as a psychotic serial killer, Hannibal Lector. According to Wikipedia, he was quoted as saying that he goes over and over his lines, as many as 200 times, so that he can say them naturally without even thinking about them. Mr. Hopkins has certainly brought the joy to life to movie goers everywhere even if we were a bit scared!

Michael Phelps, also has demonstrated, that drive, hunger and devotion through his swimming prowess. Obviously, he was gifted with the near perfect body for swimming, but his energy has propelled him to accomplishments that very few have ever achieved. Also, in Michael I think in Michael you really see how the stillness works into the mix as well. All of that training and repetition. It has helped to allow him the depth of focus that he puts into action in the big races.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Demands.

  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 21 – The Hunter/Huntress – Biting Through – This is energy to go out and get what is needed to survive.
  • Gate 48 – Depth – The Well – This is the drive to dig into things in a broad or deep way to further understanding and bring about foundation.

Here are charts for Michael Phelps, Anthony Hopkins and our own Rev. Ric who were born under the cross of Demands. The four gates of the cross of Demands are circled in blue on the chart for Michael Phelps. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)
#Note – Michael Phelps birth time is unknown so this chart may not be completely accurate. I have provided 2 different charts, to highlight and illustrate some differences in his possible design. Regardless of his birth time, all charts that day do fall under the Incarnation cross of demands.

Incarnation Cross of Eden

On some level people born under the Incarnation cross of Eden are looking to find Eden here on earth. They are trying to find that utopia in one way or another in their lives. It could be something as simple as a hobby or as dominating as their entire lifestyle but they will be driven to find that place where they feel at home with the experience and the story behind it.

Unfortunately, there are often flaws in the perfection of our human utopias, so the cross of Eden can become disappointed in the reality . However, this can also become a driving force that results in them moving on in search of the more perfect experience or situation.

The cross of Eden is an emotional cross with 3 of the 4 gates connected or in channels connecting to the emotional solar plexus. This cross is ultimately about what is the story or history around a certain place or situation that will bring about an intimate experience that they can share with certain others. There is an energy of anticipation and caution in these gates so there is a strong potential for anxiety leading up to the decision about how this “garden of Eden” experience will turn out. What many on the cross of Eden find out, is that they may have to taste some not so good apples along the way, but that ultimately leads them to the ‘Golden Delicious’ experience.

Brad Pitt has had the opportunity to explore many Edens as an actor. Each part he plays is a new scene, new setting that he can throw himself into and see how the experience feels and works out.  Though it appeared that Brad had found Eden in his 7 year relationship with Jennifer Aniston, in 2005 he moved on to be with his costar from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie. Has Brad found his Eden with Angelina, only time will tell.

Helen Hunt has been in a variety of movies and TV. One of the most notable movies was Twister where she played a storm chaser. I think this element of anticipation and not knowing what will happen when chasing tornadoes runs strong in cross of Eden’s. It also feels in many of the roles that Helen has played there is an edge of nervous energy that I believe stems from her cross. Do you see that in her roles too?

Barry Manilow creates his Eden through his songs. As a prolific song writer and performer he has been writing the songs that “the whole world sings”.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Eden.

  • Gate 11 – Ideas – Peace – This is a gate or telling the story or painting the picture including the aspects of its history.
  • Gate 12 – Caution – Standstill – This energy is like a door that is either open or shut to having an experience.
  • Gate 6 – Friction – Conflict – This is an energy of intimacy and regulating what and who you will allow in for an emotional experience or interaction.
  • Gate 36 – Crisis – Darkening of the Light – This is the energetic emotional anticipation of what an experience or situation will bring. This energy can invoke anxiety and or nervous energy.

Here are charts for Brad Pitt, Helen Hunt and Barry Manilow who were born under the cross of Eden.   The four gates of the cross of Eden are circled in blue on the chart for Brad Pitt. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Incarnation Cross of Rulership

What does Dr. House have to do with 911 and Osama bin Laden?  Both Hugh Laurie, who plays the part of Dr. House on the TV show House and Osama bin Laden were born under the cross of Rulership. People born under the Incarnation cross of Rulership are here to rule their kingdom whatever that is. In the simplest form it could be a person who is a model of self rulership. In it’s most dynamic form it could be someone who is out to rule the world or at least change the ruling order.

In the show House, Dr House rules his kingdom and/or the hospital and those around him. He pokes, prods, teases and manipulates everyone around him to try and get it to be his way. Even his on going battle with his gimpy leg,  he has seldom asked for help as he attempts to rule his body as well.

On a much larger scale there is Osama bin Laden. As you  see in the charts below, not only was Osama born under the cross of Rulership, but the day of his planned attack to change world order, September 11, 2001, was carrying the activated energy of the cross of Rulership. I think this is an example of how the energy “behind the scenes” was carrying the events that took place in our reality.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Rulership.

  • Gate 45 – Gatherer – Gathering Together – This is the gate of the King and Queen. Energy that wants to rule their kingdom big or small
  • Gate 26 – Egoist – the Taming Power of the Great – There is a great duality in this energy and on one side is to accumulate, and amass wealth and the other is to guide others and the collective to efficient accumulation and storage of material .
  • Gate 22 – Openness – Grace – This is the energy to openly share emotional experiences with others. This is a gate of being social.
  • Gate 47 – Realizing – Oppression – This is abstract thinking and the energy to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together or filter out the one nugget from the mass of data that makes sense. There is a lot of pressure in this process.

Here are charts for Hugh Laurie and Osama bin Laden who were born under the cross of Rulership. Also there is a chart of September 11, 2001 which shows the energy of the cross of Rulership was activated that day. The four gates of the cross of Rulership  are circled in blue on the chart for Hugh Laurie. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

* Note – The birth time of Hugh Laurie is not publicly known. Charts for his birth date are all cross of Rulership and the defind centers are the same. His profile could be a 3-6 or 4-6 depending on what time he was actually born.

Incarnation Cross of Healing

Sandwiched in between the cross of the Vessel of Love and the cross of Service is the Incarnation cross of Healing. This cross essentially brings a blend of the two sets of energies, of love and of being of service. The net result is energy that lovingly, brings joy to life.

The cross of Healing is a left angel cross. People born on right angel crosses are going to be more self absorbed in their journey. People born on the left Angel cross are going to be oriented to the other people that share their journey. It is not about the impact to themselves but the impact to all those who are involved.

Will Smith was born under the cross of Healing. If you look at some of his movies like, Men in Black I & II, Hitch and The Pursuit of Happiness, you see intertwined themes of love and bringing joy to life. In the MIB movies, there is universal love for humans and aliens mixed in with a goal to save earth. This ultimately brings joy to life for humanity and the universe. In the Pursuit of Happiness, Will portrays a man with down and out luck, trying to rebuild his life and keep he and his son together. In Hitch, Smith plays a relationship expert trying to help men get the love of their life to fall into love with them. In the movie, he too finds himself in the middle of his own fight to land the love of his life. So  while cross of Healers are interested in the joy of others they are not selfless and are in pursuit of their own happiness as well. Hmm, that sounds familiar.

Chaka Kahn spreads her healing through her music. She has won 10 Grammy awards during her career and if you listen to her songs like, I’m every woman and I feel for you, you hear this rhythmic but caring sentiment. On Wikipedia it quotes Kahn as being happy about the evolution of music proliferation and the ability for individuals to download music because it breaks the monopolistic hold on music by the big record labels. More joy to life for everyone!

Christopher Reeve is also of the cross of Healing incarnation. Who can forget his courageous march before the public eye to bring awareness to the plight and battle that paralyzed people go through every day. Through 5 years of  private and public  efforts to regain his ability to walk, he has potentially helped to heal and motivate thousands of families going through similar circumstances. In addition, his efforts may well benefit people of the future through his speaking before congress about the promise of stem cell research. In the end, although he eventually lost his life to the progression of illness from his injury, I believe he and his design were instrumental in healing his family and himself from the trauma of breaking his neck falling off a horse.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Healing.

  • Gate 25 – Spirit of Self – Innocence – This is an energy of love with no judgement. It is universal love.
  • Gate 46 – Determination of the Self – Pushing Upward – This is a gate of love and the love is of the flesh, of the body. Love of the body which is a temple that we dwell in.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.

Here are charts for Will Smith, Chaka Kahn and Christopher Reeve, all born under the cross of Healing. The four gate of the cross of Healing are circled in blue on the chart for Will Smith. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Incarnation Cross of Service

People born under the cross of Service are here to be of Service. In a sense it is that simple. The real question is what are they serving? For some it may be to be of service to themselves. For others they may be driven to serve their audience, their community or their country. Being of service can take on any level of action from acting, to shining shoes, to being a mom, to fighting in an army.

The driving force in the cross of Service is logical energy that is looking to make things or processes better to bring joy to life. Ultimately this is what the cross of service is all about, bringing joy to life. A good question a person born under the cross of Service can ask themselves before fulling investing in a project is, “If I am successful at this will it bring joy to life?”.

The main reason for this “Joy to Life” theme is that 3 of the 4 gates are in the logical channel. Logic in human design is all about analysis of things and processes to make them better. When they are made better it results in more satisfaction or more efficiency allowing us more time to enjoy life.

Denzel Washington is a cross of service. In many of his movies he portrays a good guy trying to get to the bottom of a problem or situation to resolve things to make it better for the collective. Two such recent movies were the Taking of Pelham One Two Three and The book of Eli. In Pelham he plays a subway dispatcher when he gets drawn into to acts as a negotiator on a kidnapping scheme master minded by John Travolta. Throughout the role he exudes trying to be of service to get John Travolta what he wants while trying to save the hostages. In the book of Eli, he plays a blind man traveling in an apocalyptic world with the last known copy of the bible. His mission is to get it to a place where it is safe and can be replicated to reseed the word of God. In both movies, both roles are perfect for the cross of Service. I believe Denzel is so believable because he carries the underlying energy of Service to support his acting talent.

Sarah Jessica Parker is also a cross of Service. In her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series and movies Sex in the City, she plays a journalist trying to be of Service to give her readers, mainly women, advise about sex, romance and love in the fast paced world of New York. In life Sarah provides service as a mother, director, producer and actor. In a recent Marie Claire interview she talked about how she is judged at times unfairly. A publication ran an article about how she used her status to get out of jury duty despite her vehemently denying it. In fact she went on to talk about how deeply she cares about a lot of things saying ” I think I care because I care. I’ve been on movie sets where people were just going through the motions. I don’t ever want to be one of those people who doesn’t want to be there.” In just going through the motions there is not much joy in life and for most people born under the cross of Service that just won’t fly.

Olivia Newton-John was famous in the 70’s and 80’s for here singing. While she still has pursued a singing career she is more recently known for her advocacy for UNICEF, Breast Cancer and to build a wellness center in Australia.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Service.

  • Gate 17 – Opinion – Following – This is the presentation of logical analysis of what is or is not working.
  • Gate 18 – – Correction – Work on what has been spoilt – This is the logical adjustments to process or things  to make them better.
  • Gate 58 – Aliveness – Joyous – This is bringing joy to life through the use of a great product or an efficient process.
  • Gate 52 – Inaction – Keeping Still – By being still, one can take in the bigger picture creating more depth to what you are trying to bring into focus.

Here are charts for Denzel Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Newton-John, all born under the cross of Service. The four gate of the cross of Service are circled in blue on the chart for Denzel. (Click on any image for Larger version of that image.)

Manifestation by Design

There is often a misconception when people are introduced to Human Design that only the Manifestor type can manifest. But that is simply not true. We can all manifest if we do it by our design. A basic rule of thumb starts with the strategy of the type. Manifestors manifest by informing who they impact, Manifesting Generators manifest by acting, responding etc., Generators manifest by responding, Projectors manifest when they are invited and Reflecrtors manifest when they reflect.

As you start to understand more about the high level strategy you can begin to fine tune it even more. For example, if you are a 1-3 profile you are designed to manifest a particular thing, when you have a foundational understanding and you have experienced enough to make it work. If you are a 5-2 profile you have the opportunity to manifest when you draw people in. If you have the leadership gate, gate 7 then you are designed to manifest while leading. So there are many factors built into your design that effect how you manifest.

In addition to aspects like profile and gates you should take a closer look at the Throat center. After all in Human Design all expression comes to the surface in the throat. The connections you have there can influence how much initiation will work for you. If you are a true Manifestor type then you can initiate a lot. If you are a manifesting generator then you can initiate some but it typically works better to initiate by response. If you have a defined throat and are a projector then there maybe certain things you can initiate but usually it will work better to initiate after invitation. Lastly if you have an open throat then your manifestation will be best by invitation, response or reflection.

Here are charts for Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump, 2 people who have done a lot of manifesting. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of Cycles

People born under the Incarnation cross of Cycles are born with 2 channels that drive their design. These two channels define the three centers that they connect so all people born under this cross will have the Root, Spleen and Sacral centers defined. This means that they will be a Generator or Manifesting Generator and are designed to have energy to make progress and move forward with a periodic or cyclical rhythm.

The 54-32 channel of Transformation which connects the Root to the Spleen center, is energy that is driven to work its way up the hierarchy or push forward change. The 53-42 channel of Maturation which connects the Root to the Sacral, is energy that has a cyclical wave, staring, then growing stronger, moving forward, and then easing into the finish.

Bill Cosby whose Mandala is pictured above, was born under the cross of cycles. As you look back over his career as a comedian, you see a steady progression of development of projects for TV and film that he managed or participated in. He started as a stand up comedian and then progressed to TV with the Bill Cosby show, Fat Albert and the kids, and the more successful The Cosby Show. At a macro level, each effort went through this cycle of development, progression and maturity that is embodied in the energy of these 4 gates that create these two channels.

I think if you look on a micro level at the detail of some of Bill’s stand up routines, and some of his TV episodes you will see the cycle and progression of the energy as well.

The pattern exists in his personal education as well. He left Temple university to pursue his career as a comedian before graduating, but returned to finish and get his degree. He then went on to get an MA from the University of Massachusetts.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Cycles.

  • Gate 42 – Growth – Increase – This is the energy at the end of a cycle, and as we let go of what is completing we make room for new growth or increase.
  • Gate 53 – Beginnings – Development – This is the energy of starting a new project or venture or a new page for an old one.
  • Gate 54 – Ambition – The Marrying Maiden – This is energy that is looking to work its way up, to climb the ladder to a higher position or a greater place of being.
  • Gate 32 – Continuity – Duration – This is energy that picks up, or smells when change is needed for stability or knows when things are safe to remain.

Here is the chart for Bill Cosby born under the cross of Cycles. The four gates of the cross of Cycles are circled in blue. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation Cross of Tension

People born under the cross of Tension have energy to push through, bite through, provoke and or get to depth to have a clearer understanding or deeper knowing. This combination of energies may not always feel comfortable to themselves or others, especially if it is taken personally, but it is a real gift because it is designed to enable us to work through things that may have us feeling stuck.

The energy is designed to help those born under this cross as well as those around them make progress through potentially difficult waters.

Here we have the mandala for J.R.R. Tolkien born under the cross of Tension. His books the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy enable the reader to examine several concepts that humankind has explored for thousands of years. Tolkien in his stories takes us very deeply in the topic of Good verses Evil. His imagery and imagination provokes the mind to delve deeper into this contemplation, and to examine the conflict of good and evil through the eyes of many species such as Elves, Hobbits, Wizards and Trees. With the ring, Tolkien directs our focus on the topic of power and the obsession to be in control of power. He also helps us examine the lure of being a God of sorts with the ability to disappear.

P.T. Barnum also born under the cross of Tension is probably best known for his circus which had many names but in the early years was called, “P. T. Barnum’s Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan & Hippodrome,” a traveling circus, menagerie and museum of freaks. The presentation of these oddities is a classic cross of Tension ruse to get us to examine what is normal, what is special and what is weird with in our lives and for others.

Barnum was also involved in politics  addressing racism and around 1850 was involved in a hoax that involved a weed that would turn black people white. He produced minstrel shows that used double edged humor and utilized  satire of whites racist attitudes.

Barnum always said his shows were designed to line his coffers, but through his work he gave the public an opportunity to examine their understanding of their attitudes about people, places and things in life. His presentation was not always comfortable for everyone in the audience but underlying it was this energy of tension, with the potential to move us to a deeper place.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Consciousness.

  • Gate 39 – Provocation – Obstruction – energy to needle or poke to get stuck energy unstuck.
  • Gate 38 – Fighter – Opposition – energy to physically push through the struggle of understanding to a clearer place of knowing.
  • Gate 48 – Depth – The Well – energy driven to go deep into detail or wide into breadth to clearly understand the logic of a situation or process.
  • Gate 21 – Huntress/Hunter – Biting Through – energy to go get what we need and want.

Here are charts for J.R.R. Tolkien, Mel Gibson, and P.T. Barnum, all born under the cross of Tension. . The four gate of the cross of Tension are circled in blue on the chart for  J.R.R. Tolkien. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of Consciousness

People born under the cross of Consciousness are under pressure to make sense of certain aspects of the world. They are here to bring rhythm and change into are lives. They are here to make us aware of aspects of our lives so we can follow a progression of change or choose to stay the way we are. But whether we change or not the awareness they bring cannot be ignored.

Walt Disney spent most of his life bringing change to the way people experience  life. Through his cartoons and movies he gave people art, entertainment and the opportunity to explore patterns. Often it included age old contemplations of concepts like good verses evil.

Through his theme parks he gave people an opportunity into a wide variety of experiences. At Disney World, you can experience the thrill of roller coasters and log flumes, take a quiet boat ride through the jungle, plunge below the surface in a submarine or ride through the plains of wild animals from Africa. At Epcot you can sample foods from all over the world and learn of cultures from near and far.  It seems a major theme of  his life was to bring this awareness to each person he touched.

For many years Paul Harvey was a radio news broadcaster for ABC radio. At his peak he reached 24 million listeners a day. He delivered the news with a rhythm and a flair for making the listener aware of what was happening in the world. He would typically add in human interest story, dubbed “The rest of the story”,  to add to the listeners experience.  He also did the commercials for sponsors in an informative way as opposed to a big sales pitch. He often spoke about how things were changing by presenting the facts so you could decide if the change was good or not. Each day you could listen to Paul Harvey and he would bring an awareness into your life.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of  Consciousness.

  • Gate 64 – Confusion – Before Contemplation – This is the recognition of lots of elements that are related but asks the question, “How do these all fit together?”
  • Gate 63 -Doubt – After Contemplation – This is logical energy that judges the validity of a pattern or product and asks, “Does this work?”
  • Gate 5 -Fixed Rhythm – Waiting – This energy is being in sync with the natural rhythms and may be visible in eating, sleeping and working.
  • Gate 35 – Change – Progress – This is the energy that can tell us what the experience has been about and how we should change are approach, if necessary,  to make it different.

Here are charts for Walt Disney, Paul Harvey and Beyonce Knowles, all born under the cross of Consciousness. The four gate of the cross of Consciousness are circled in blue on the chart for Walt Disney. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of the Sleeping Phoenix

What is behind the scenes that makes people act, behave and pursue their dreams the way that they do? “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind”, or that is how Bob Dylan might put it. From the Human Design perspective the answer is in the solar winds, or I should say the solar rotation that affects the stream of neutrino energy that sets up our wiring at birth. A key piece of that wiring or your Human Design is the energy from the sun and earth that create the incarnation cross. This week we are going to talk about the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

This cross brings together a powerful combination of gates including the 34-20 channel of Charisma. This channel is a motorized energy which carries energy from the Sacral center to the Throat center. This channel defines both those centers and makes anyone who has it, including all Sleeping Phoenix’s,  a Manifesting Generator type. So there is a lot of energy “to do” in this cross.

However, I have always felt that this cross carries a bit of the mystical qualities of the mythical Phoenix, rising from the ashes followed by a flurry of activity that creates something magical, then bursting into flames and turning to ashes, to rise again on another day . Thus,  I see pronounced cycles in this incarnation cross.

Where do the cycles come from you ask? Well if we start with the 34-20, this channel is powered by the sacral and the sacral has a built in cycle. A defined cycle starts churning when we wake up and powers us through the day and then burns out at night. So we have a daily cycle. Now add to it the gate 59 a gate of reproductive energy. Reproduction has a cycle that is much longer. As humans, our gestation period is 9 months and the cycle of being fertile for woman is from about 13 to 50. Add in gate 55, the gate of Spirit and you have another cyclical element. This gate is in an emotional channel that flows in a wave up and down over time. If you think about it, your spirit may be always present, but there are times when it is quiet and times that it bursts forth. So together we have blend of cycles ranging from daily to when years.

Bob Dylan has been that Phoenix of sorts. He has been a constant in the music scene, but over the years he has risen to prominence and then faded back and then risen again, time after time.

Scarlett Johansson burst on the scene as a young actress and was very present for a few movies and I would say has faded a bit as of late. If you follow my logic look for Scarlett to burst forth again at some point in the future.

Here are the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

  • Gate 34 – Power – This is raw sacral power and the gate with the most potential energy in the system as it can create three motorized channels.
  • Gate 20 – Now – Contemplation – This is the voice of now, perhaps your Facebook status?.
  • Gate 55 – Spirit – Abundance – This is the emotional energy and expression of spirit.
  • Gate 59 – Sexuality – Dispersion – This is the energy of sexuality and the drive to continue the species.

Here are charts for Bob Dylan, Scarlett Johansson and Barb Andrew, all born into the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of Contagion

Put simply people born on the cross of Contagion are here to spread the mutation. What that mutation is depends on the individual carrying the cross. It could be something as simple as getting more people to use sporks, (a cross between a fork and a spoon), or something more complex like the understanding of Human Design.

Radio Show Link

The four energies that come together in this cross are desire, commitment, channeled energy to achieve with an  expressionistic style.  Two of the energies carry a theme of mutation so it is highly likely that what is being spread is new or a new look on an old idea.

My Human Design teacher, Karen Curry, a cross of  Contagion,  has been spreading the word about Human Design for many years. Human Design contains components like the I Ching and astrology which have been around for centuries yet through Human Design they have come together through synergy, assimilation and mutation to give us a new understanding of how human action and interaction works.

Karen also has a passion to help people live joyful enlightened lives. She does this through offerings at her primary web site Quantum Alignment.

Ted Turner, the media, mogul literally put together a mechanism to spread information. He was one of the pioneers to put together a TV super-station, using satellite broadcasting to connect  independent stations across the United States in order to compete with the major networks. In addition to his flagship WTBS, he added other ways of spreading the word with the Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT movie channel and many more.

Turner has also been passionate about conservation and has land holdings over 2 million acres which he farms in innovative and ecological friendly ways. He has a bison herd of over 50,000 animals which he has put together to save the species and potentially make them a sustainable farming product.

H.P. Lovecraft was an author of “Horror Fiction”. During his life he was not widely known, but through the years after his death in 1937,  he has become more famous.  Modern day horror writer Stephen King attributes his fascination with horror and macabre was due in a large part to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. So despite his death at an early age,  his influence in the spreading of the distorted, twisted tales continue.

Here are  the gate names, the I Ching names, followed by brief descriptions for the 4 gates of the cross of Contagion.

  • Gate 8 – Contribution – Holding Together –  This is individual creative energy which connected to the throat that creates self expression. Since it is individual energy it can be mutative energy.
  • Gate 14 – Power Skills – Possession in great measure –  This is the energy to do the things that empower us. It is the energy of self empowerment.
  • Gate 29 – Saying Yes – The Abysmal – This is the energy of commitment. As the I Ching name Abysmal implies if we are not selective in our commitment we can be pouring our energy into a deep hole.
  • Gate 30 – Recognition of Feelings – The Clinging Fire – This is a yearning or an emotional desire. This energy pushes us as individuals to new experiences that may not benefit the individual but generally results in benefiting the collective.

Here are charts for Karen Curry, Ted Turner and H.P. Lovecraft, all born into the cross of Contagion. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of Explanation

What do Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Hathaway and Dennis Rodman have in common? Well if you answered they all played for the same basketball team you are incorrect. The correct answer is they are all born into the Incarnation cross of Explanation.

The incarnation cross of Explanation carries a unique channel of self expression and individual knowing. This channel, the 43-23,  carries the nickname of the “freak to genius” channel. This is due to the fact that the expression coming from this channel is very individual in nature and at times can be so strange or new that no one gets it. On the other hand the information contained in this expression can be such a fascinating way of looking at something that it can leave people in awe of the genius to come up with such an idea.

The other two gates; gate 4,  contains the energy to evaluate a pattern and create a hypothesis about that pattern and the other gate 49 is the gate of revolution.

In general when you blend this all together you have the energy to logically evaluate what is going on and then lend an individual commentary or expression about it. In some cases it might agree with the status quo and in other cases it might drastically be different.

If you google “Dennis Rodman pictures” you will find that he has a drastically different fashion sense from the status quo. I might call it freakish but others might call him a genius 😉

Here is a brief description of the 4 gates of the cross of Explanation.

  • Gate 23 – Assimilation – Bringing a structured understanding to possibly complex knowing, perhaps simplified into an individualized concept.
  • Gate 43 – Insight – This is the “I know” gate because it is unique understanding in an individual way. People with this gate without the gate 23 may say “I know” or “you know” frequently.
  • Gate 4 – Formulization – Nick named “the answer”, this gate evaluates patterns and proposes the are correct or how they are wrong. But really this is just the hypothesis, hence the I Ching name Youthful Folly.
  • Gate 49 – Revolution – If it works it is good but if it doesn’t it is time for a change.

Here are charts for Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Hathaway, and Dennis Rodman all born into the cross of Explanation. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation – Cross of the Four Ways

The Incarnation cross of the Four Ways represents the coming together of 4 energies that each have a voice in where we humans are going. There is a real evolution written here in the 4 gates
as each gate has a way for us as humans to go.

Gate 24 is a mental gate. It is looking at something repeatedly trying to come to a deeper understanding. It’s guidance forward is through understanding.

Gate 33 is a manifesting gate. It caries the story of our experience but it is also directing us to be keep secrets. Not all of our experiences should be shared.

Gate 44 is about alerting the troops to coming needs. This is about what we need to do to  preserve our selves and is rooted in fears of the past.

Gate 19 is to have a sensitivity about what we are doing to our world. The approach to the future is to make sure we take care of all of us. This means that we need to care for the earth and it’s resources as a way to approach the future.

Here is a brief description of the 4 gates of the cross of the Four Ways.

  • Gate 19 – Sensitivity – As we as a tribe approach living as spiritual being together we need to be sensitive to how we live physically.
  • Gate 44 – Coming to meet- Identification of what we need to due now, to be prepared for the future, but based on our past experience.
  • Gate 33 – Manifesting Privacy – As we bring together the experience of the collective we need privacy to be ourselves.
  • Gate 24 – Returning – Rationalizing over and over until we as individuals truly understand.

Here are charts for Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Seinfeld who are two different versions of the cross of the Four Ways. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation – Cross of Laws

The Incarnation cross of Laws is focused upon building, creating and keeping structures in place to ensure safety and continuity. The laws can pertain to the structure of anything from a family to money, to an international community. Without structure there can become chaos and lack of order so structure has played and important role in creating community, countries and civilizations.

However, there is an interesting dynamic at work here because most structures resist change. Instead of mutation most structural change comes through a new layer of rules or laws. The tax code in the United States and Health care reform are two prime examples of this. Over the past decades instead of recreating the structure, our politicians have just added layers of new law upon the old. In the case of the tax law, even though there have been candidates that have proposed eliminating the old system with a new straight percentage graduated system, they have been dismissed mostly out of hand as there is fear that removing the old structure would lead to chaos.

(The Mandala to the left is of the cross of Laws and can help you understand how crosses are formed. Click on the image to the left to enlarge it. This will allow you to see how the cross is formed. The cross is created by the gates of the I Ching in the Sun and Earth, from the two critical points in time, the time of birth and 88 days before birth which is the point when the soul crystal is planted.)

Here is a brief description of the 4 gates of the cross of Laws.

  • Gate 3 – Ordering – Once we make change or mutate we must finish the change into a new form of structure.
  • Gate 50 – Values – Preservation which is achieved by the act of nurturing.
  • Gate 60 – Acceptance/Limitation – We must accept what we have got and limit changes so not to rock the boat.
  • Gate 56 – Sensation/Wanderer – The perception of continuity of what we are sensing as we explore what is around us.

So quite simply, people born under the cross of Laws are here to keep us safe, help provide continuity and structure. A key strategy for someone on this cross is to strive for balance between the old and the new. Structures serve there purpose but they cannot last forever. A cross of Laws may be a parent but the child eventually grows up and then the structure must change one way or the other.

Chart of James Woods and Jim Cary who are two different versions of the cross of Laws. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation cross of the Maya

People born into the Incarnation cross of Maya are born with an internal pressure to know Why. This energy has driven humankind to be explorers. It has pushed us to explore the continents, then to the seas, then to outer space and now to the universe. But it is not just outward exploration as we have gone the other direction too. Through science, religion and spirituality we are exploring the inner space inside of us.

In a way you could say the channels between the head and Ajna represent 3 ways to solve this question why. The right channel is logical and scientific. The left channel is abstract and represents religion. The middle channel represents pure spirituality, the simple yet powerful connection to knowing on a personal level.

The Mandala to the left is of the cross of Maya and can help you understand how crosses are formed. Click on the image to the left to enlarge it. This will allow you to see how the cross is formed. The cross is created by the gates of the I Ching in the Sun and Earth, from the two critical points in time, the time of birth and 88 days before birth which is the point when the soul crystal is planted.

So you can see that each cross is composed of 4 gates, two from the sun and two from the earth. The cross of penetration is made up of the following 4 gates.

  • Gate 61 – Mystery. The energy and pressure to know why.
  • Gate 42 – Growth. The maturity of a project or process to set the ground work for the next cycle.
  • Gate 32- Continuity. A historical memory of what has been needed to continue and carry on.
  • Gate 62 – Small details. The Gate of putting a name on things so we can analyze them.

Below is the chart of the third President of the United states Thomas Jefferson. One of the things he is known for is the commission of Lewis and Clark to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean . While the project started in earnest in 1803, it was brewing within Jefferson and the new country for the 50 preceding years. A key side project that Jefferson entrusted to Lewis was to make detailed documentation of the flora and fauna along the way. The Lewis and Clark expedition in many ways typified the cross of the Maya.

  • Providing details and drawings of new flora and fauna and putting names on them.
  • Obtaining information to make way for the next cycle of growth.
  • Trying to understand how the continent, rivers and oceans are connected.
  • Obtaining information about the native American tribes living in the west.
  • Creating a knowledge base or history to stabilize and provide continuity for the young nation the United States of America.

If you are feeling the pressure to know more and the subject matter interests you I would highly recommend the book Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose which details the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Chart of Thomas Jefferson. (Click on image for Larger image)

Incarnation Cross of Penetration

People born into the Incarnation cross of Penetration carry an energy that drives them to get to the point. It is an energy that is designed to break down hemming and hawing and create action, change or movement. People with this energy when stuck and really trapped may tend to just shut down when they see no way out.

The energy of this cross, is very present in the moment and is here to “Wake us up.”

The Mandala to the left is of the cross of Penetration and can help you understand how crosses are formed. Click on the image to the left to enlarge it. This will allow you to see how the cross is formed. The cross is created by the gates of the I Ching in the Sun and Earth,  from the two critical points in time, the time  of birth and 88 days before birth which is the point when the soul crystal is planted.

So you can see that each cross is composed of 4 gates, two from the sun and two from the earth. The cross of penetration is made up of the following 4 gates.

  • Gate 57 – Intuition in the moment. An instant knowing what to do, how to act, what step to take,
  • Gate 51 – Shock. A wake up call to the spirit. A jolt to bring love of all things to light.
  • Gate 54 – Ambition. The adrenal energy to move forward or to make progress.
  • Gate 53 – Beginnings. The energy of starting out and taking that first step.

Below is the chart of actor, martial arts specialist Jackie Chan. He was born with the cross of Penetration. If you are familiar with his work think about some of his movies. In the martial arts aspects he is always aware in the moment of what is going on around him. Ready to pounce or penetrate if necessary. His movies always have a sense of humor or comedy. This entertainment is designed to penetrate the soul. After all laughter is the best medicine. Watch a movie and just look at his actions and the way he holds himself. It has that air of penetration. Jackie is a good example of someone who embodies their  design.

Chart of Jackie Chan. (Click on image for Larger image)

The 3 Types of Thinking

There are 3 types of thinking in the Human Design System.

  • Logical
  • Inner Knowing
  • Abstract

Depending on how you are defined will effect how you most often tend to think about things. It will also affect how you learn and how well you can remember what you have learned. The more definition of one type of thinking the more likely it will be to dominate the way you think and process information. However, the one caveat to that is we can be conditioned in or open gates and channels by those around us. A classic example might be a child who is defined to think in an abstract way but they grow up heavily influenced by their logically thinking parents or the logically structure teaching in school.

Logically thinking is ordered thinking like a recipe or a mathematical approach.  Step 1 is followed by step 2 followed by step 3 and so on.This is probably more of an applied thinking style. You have principles or steps and then you apply them.

Inner knowing is a truth or a knowing that an individual comes to on there own. It is an internal knowing that does not always translate to others and is often hard to explain because you just know.

Abstract thinking is bring the different pieces of the puzzle together so they all mesh or fit into the picture or story. Abstract thinkers can see the whole picture even if some of the parts are missing. This is possibly the more creative thinking style.

The Undefined Heart/Will Center

Am I worthy? Well are you?

Of course you are. But a person with an undefined Heart/Will center can feel a nagging or wave of insecurity. This is due to inconsistent access to the energy in the center.

This center is about will power. It is a pushy kind of energy to get, gather or take resources that you need to survive. In our society it can also be about not taking or consuming things, like that second cup of coffee or that bowl of ice cream before bed. People with defined will power can use this consistent energy to deny that indulgence. But with duality there is also the will to have that 2nd cup or bowl.

So what to do? If you are undefined you have inconsistent energy to hold back and if you are defined your will might work against you!

The solution here is to utilize your other defined energy to accomplish what you want. A person with a defined Ajna can potentially use process to accomplish their goal. Say they want to cut back on  coffee. They may not be able to stop on will power but they may be able to rationalize, “If I don’t go into any Starbucks, then I will buy and drink less  coffee.”

For other designs the strategy maybe different but the goal is the same, use your defined energies to accomplish your goal.

Undefined Heart/Will centers can borrow will from those around them. But it is important to remember, they are not wired to use will consistently. If they do they run the risk of ill health to the Gall Bladder and the Heart as this center is wired in to both these organs.

Think about what the heart does. It beats and then it rests, it beats and then it rests. It is not designed to work all the time. It needs that rest even if it is for a fraction of a second. If you are willfully pushing your way though life, you are not giving the center its needed rest.

Here are charts for the actor Clint Eastwood and his father Clint Eastwood Sr.
Clint Eastwood Sr. died of a heart attack at the age of 63. Clint Eastwood is 79 and is rumored to be having heart troubles.
(Click on the chart for larger image.)

The Sounds of Spirit, Melancholy and Freedom

Emotional energy expands and contracts. It lifts us up towards joy and ecstasy and then it contracts and we fall back toward earth in the form of sadness or melancholy. We can drown ourselves in our sorrow or we can utilize the melancholy in a creative and productive ways. In fact melancholy can be a great fuel for creativity. As we work away expressing the melancholy, often we begin to release the sorrow and spark the emotional energy to rise.

I began to ponder this as I was drawn to songs by Sara Bareilles, Jewel and the Carpenters.  In the 3 songs below, the artists sing mired in melancholy expressing the sad side of the gate 55, the Gate of Spirit. Gate 55 is an emotional gate which is about expressing our spirit or our spiritual feelings. Richard Rudd in his book of Genekeys writes, “The gift of the gate 55 is freedom”. We are talking about freedom of the spirit to transcend our physical bodies and be emotionally free to mingle in ecstasy with the collective energies of the divine. You might even say being in or part of heaven.

Take a few minutes to listen to these 3 performances. See if you can feel the melancholy working its way to try and find the emotional freedom of spirit. Also see if you notice that there is a slight difference in the authenticity of the expression of the melancholy. Both Sara and Jewel have the gate 55 defined but Karen and Richard Carpenter do not have the 55 defined. I think as you listen you will here more depth to the melancholy in Jewel and Sara and perhaps a slight hollowness in Karen’s song.

On a side note see if you here Jewels undefined G, taking the hurt personally, almost saying “You don’t really love me”.

Here are the charts for the 4 artists.

The Open Throat

The Throat center is the nexus within the Human Design System. It is the Throat where all the circuitry comes together to produce expression. Now the expressions produced is not just words. It can be songs, music, gestures, art, many forms of design, the way we dress or even the car we drive.When someone has a design with an open or undefined Throat it creates a bit of a quandary. The Throat is all about expression yet with the open Throat the design lacks a consistent path to expression. With this lack of energy, there is unconscious recognition by others that you don’t have the energy to speak. The result is that open Throat’s don’t often get the chance to speak.In order to overcome the quandary of the open Throat people with this design often resort to one of two behaviors.

The first is to be flamboyant and or demonstrative. This draws attention to the person with the open Throat so they are recognized and then can express themselves. When I was pondering an example of this Lucille Ball jumped to mind. She was one of the most flamboyant actresses . Guess what? She had an open Throat. All her antics were her compensation to get recognition to speak.

Check out this short clip from I Love Lucy.

A second method used by the open Throat is to allow the energy to coalesce and come out in a fuller expression. However what this means is that the expression is not always available on demand. Some times the open Throat will freeze or stumble to bring the thoughts together when put on the spot. But interestingly enough that is maybe part of the reason that people with an open Throat are not recognized to speak right away. There is energetic recognition that the open Throat needs more time.

In group settings an open Throat may struggle to get the floor. They may feel they never get the chance to express their thoughts. The trick for the open Throat is patience. If they can wait their turn and speak when finally recognized, they will have allowed their energy to come together, they will be more cohesive and they will be heard in a deeper way.

Many singers have an open Throats. It allows them to have a wider range of expression in their voices and through the act of singing  which may involve the writing of lyrics, composing of music and practicing, it allows the expression to come together in its fullness and command the audience.

Here is a song from Sarah McLachlan who has an open Throat. Interestingly enough she has one defined gate on the Throat center. This gate, 33, is about mindfulness and remembering or forgetting the past, as in past lives. I find this excerpt from the lyrics profound.  It feels like she is speaking directly about the 33rd gate and the pain of the open Throat.
“I’m so tired,I can’t sleep,
Standin’ on the edge of something much too deep,
It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word,
We are screaming inside, we can’t be heard.

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by,
Weep not for the memories ”

Watch the video “I will remember you” by Sarah McLachlan

Here are the Charts of Sarah McLachlan and Lucille Ball.
(Click on chart for larger image.)

The Open Root

Under Pressure? This is the pressure to get things going and to get them off of your list. This is the pressure to finish to be free.

The open Root is under this pressure to get started and be done. It can be relentless. It can run your life. It can push you to keep working after you are tired. It can make you skip lunch or work way past quitting time. The open root can have you spinning your wheels as well.

The reason the open Root can be so intense is that the pressure of doing things causes the body to release adrenaline to create energy to do things. Because the open root lacks definition or consistency, it will manage this physical energy in an inconsistent way. Some times it will flounder to get started and other times it will push to finish, everything.

So how do you tame the open Root?

The strategy to combat the shadow of the open Root is a mental one. Keep tabs on your open Root. If you have done enough for this morning, go to lunch. Give your self permission to take a break. If it is quitting time, go home. The list will be there tomorrow. Besides, the boss will add more things to do so just because you finish doesn’t mean you are free.

The Root center is also designed to be off at times to rest. You can’t pump adrenaline 24×7 yet that is what our over caffeinated society is trying to do. Take advantage of the Root’s down time if you can. Do something more passive. If you are at your desk trying to get those emails out, or finish that report and it is not happening, take a walk, read a book, stretch or do something to allow the Root to rest. Once recharged you will actually be more productive than if you just try to struggle through.

The gift of the open Root is that it can amplify the energy around you. In the office or on the sports field the open Root can harness the energy of the defined Roots and get an amazing things done. It can be super human. So be super human and then get the rest you deserve.

And when you do take that rest, leave the lists mentally behind at the office and enjoy your time off, even if it is brief.

Here is a chart with an open Root.
(Click on chart for larger image.)

The 5 Types and Strategies

There are 5 types within the Human Design System and these are:

  • Generators
  • Manifesting Generators
  • Projectors
  • Manifestors
  • Reflectors

Chart data comes from a study by United Life Sciences

Each type plays a critical role in the interaction of the human species. Generators and Manifesting Generators have powerful internal motors to churn out work, Projectors have vision and projective energy to guide, lead and manage, Manifestors are stirring the pot, creating and initiating action to create and manifest new things. Reflectors act as a mirror to society to show us how and what we are doing. If everyone on this planet lived their type and strategy of the design they were given, there would be a lot less struggle and discontentment in the world.

Generators – The Generator has the Sacral motor, the most powerful motor in the Human Design system. This is consistent energy. The motor turns on each morning and runs all day until it burns out at night. The Generator is here to do work. This can be manual work and or creative work and the energy is there to work for long periods of time in a sustained manner. The motor burns out each night and is recharged at night to begin a new each day. The motor needs some degree of physical production to help it burn out by the end of the day or it may be restless at night. This can interrupt sleep and the recharging process. For the Generator there can be many types of work, the trick is to find work that is inspiring.

Generator Strategy Wait to respond

As a Generator in this world, there is a constant array of things to respond to. The world is like a pinball machine and it is the generating energy that bounces the ball around. For the Generator, the trick is to wait until the “ball” comes “to your flipper” or within reality. It is easy to get drawn into pushing forward to force things to happen. That is often the motto in our world, “Just Do it!” The Generator in pursuit of the bigger things in life you can, “Just do it!”, as long as they are responding to something in their reality. It should be more direct then just seeing it on TV, and the more concrete it is in your reality the better. This is where the Generator intertwines with the Law of Attraction. For example, a Generator sees an ad on TV for training to start a new career in life coaching. The next day in a conversation a friend mentions that they are good at coaching people. At this point the idea of life coaching has become more concrete within their reality. It is more of a concrete situation for the generator to respond to. Not necessarily to the point of dropping everything they are doing but at least enough to investigate the coaching opportunity at bit more. Ultimately, for the Generator it must feel like the right thing to respond to in their core, at the center of their being. A Generator that follows this strategy of response will be much more successful then trying to push to make things happen or trying to respond to everything that comes their way.

Theme: Frustration

Manifesting Generators – The Manifesting Generator, like the Generator has the powerful sacral motor that provides consistent energy everyday. This is sustainable energy to work and produce. This production can be manual or creative in nature. It is the consistency and duration that sets the Manifesting Generator and Generators apart from the rest. The difference from a generator is that the Manifesting Generator has a defined and motorized throat. The throat is motorized by energy flowing in a defined channel or series of channels from one of the four centers that are motors. The 4 motor centers are the Sacral, the Will, the Solar Plexus and the Root. This motorized throat adds a degree of initiative and creative energy to the power of the Manifesting Generator. It also adds a degree of speed to the energy. Some Manifesting Generators are very quick to act and respond and get bored if there is not enough going on. Their Manifesting energy is at times pushy and pushes them into thinking they are a Manifestor. They are not a Manifestor, they are a Manifesting Generator.

Manifesting Generator Strategy – Respond, envision, reprocess, inform, act Much like the Generator, Manifesting Generators need to respond to events and occurrences in their reality. The difference is the Manifesting Generator can push the gray area of initiation a little bit. In some situations they may respond, repeatedly so quickly that it appears more of initiation than a response. But to truly maximize the energetic return they need to be responding. Take job hunting for example. A Manifesting Generator has much better odds responding to occurrences in their reality than pounding the pavement or hawking the classifieds. An occurrence may be a mention of an opportunity by a friend or from a social network connection or it could be training seminar promoted at a local store. For a Manifesting Generator it is these threads within their reality that create the optimal energetic exchange when responding with the proper intentions.

Theme: Frustration

Projector – The Projector is here to mange, guide, direct and lead. They are here to project thoughts, ideas, patterns, solutions and inspiration. Like a movie or overhead projector, this energy is outwardly expressed to society and the universe. It lights the way to a more organized or better way of doing things. The Projector does not have the sacral motor so their energy is not sustainable for work over long periods of time. They need to rest and take breaks. A projector is best suited to work a flexible schedule that allows for this rest, and perhaps even an afternoon nap. The Projector should go to bed half an hour before they intend to sleep in order to discharge the sacral energy that they have picked up and amplified during the day.

Projector – wait to be invited

The Projector must be invited in order for the energy to flow properly. How many of us have had the experience in a group or social situation when someone starts guiding and directing and everyone is thinking “Who invited you (to be the boss of me?)” It is this dynamic that requires the Projector to participate by invitation. The invitation can be formal, informal or implied but it is critical for the energetic exchange that it is there. The invitation is needed for employment, to participate in a group discussion, play on a sports team or even as part of dating. The people in the life of the Projector can help aid and orchestrate the invitations a Projector receives.

Theme: Bitterness

Manifestor – The Manifestor is here to create, initiate, and manifest. The manifesting energy is quick and flows to the throat center through channel(s) from one or more motor centers within the design. The throat center is all about the creative and initiative expression. The Manifestor uses this energy to create opportunity for themselves and others. As a society we depend on the Manifestors to get things started or get things going. Once initiated, it is the other types, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors, that come in and help the creation of the Manifestor to truly manifest.

Manifestor StrategyInform before you act

The manifestor energy is fast and that is the beauty and the flame in the creative process. To take time and explain in the midst of this process is a hindrance and annoying to the Manifestor. However, the Manifestor is reliant on an influx of energy from the other types once the initiation or initial manifestation has taken place to have the desired effect or take the manifestation to a higher level. Therefore the Manifestor must inform before acting to keep the energy flowing around them and their actions. A Manifestor that does not inform creates a vacuum isolating themselves from the dance of the others energies.

Theme: Anger

Reflector – The Reflector is the mirror of the energies and actions within society. A Reflector has no defined centers. All of the centers in the chart are white. They are like crystals able to amplify and reflect the energies around them. Reflectors can be highly sensitive to their environment. Reflectors do not have sustainable energy. Because of their open design they are significantly influenced by the energetic gates created by the cycles of the moon.

Reflector Strategy – Simply wait 28 days

The strategy for the reflector is to ride their lunar cycle and make the big decisions only after experiencing their full 28 days. This can pose difficulty for the reflector, yet understanding this in many cases can provide relief. They may have struggled finding consistency in their changing nature. The reflector will be very sensitive to their immediate environment due to their openness, and certain energies of people may unduly influence their decisions. The reflector should look at having a lunar reading of their human design to identify the cyclical augmentation to their definition as the Moon passes through gates that add definition to their charts.

Theme: Disappointment

Much of the Information contained within is from the teachings of:

Karen Curry of karencurry.com

Ra Uru Hu of Jovian Archive Corporation

*The percentage data used in Chart data comes from a study by United Life Sciences

Document Copyright 2008 – AngelicBlueprint.com

The Emotional Waves of the Solar Plexus

In the Human Design system a defined Solar Plexus is powered by waves of energy that rise towards joy and happiness and fall towards sadness and despair. There are three types of waves and they each behave a bit differently.  The truth is that whether we have an emotional wave or not we are all impacted by emotions as we interact with others. Here is a newer take on an old classic song Emotion.

To understand how emotions flow, here is an overview of the three waves and a chart highlighting the connections called channels that they make to the other centers.

Tribal Wave

The Tribal Wave is the mildest of the three waves. The emotional feeling that is part of this wave flows up and down in a gentle way and most people may not even notice its flow.  It can often work like a ratchet within family or community relationships. For example, someone in your group/family may do something that irritates  you. The first several times you brush it off and ignore it. However over time it builds up an emotional charge until the wave cannot sustain it any longer and it  snaps,  coming into expression in the form of an outburst like “Stop doing that!’.  It also might take the form of disconnection or distancing from the iritant person like a timeout. In a more severe cases it could result in a complete disassociation from the person or the group.  This is a tribal energy and the connection demands that to be part of the tribe we live by tribal rules or we get out of that tribe.

Individual Wave

The Individual wave is the most dramatic wave of the three. This wave travels in big swings up toward joy and euphoria and big swings down to pain,  saddness and despair.  These swings are rhythmic and vary in length depending on the individual.  An up and down cycle can range from daily to yearly with most falling somewhere in between. One of the struggles of this wave is at the bottom it can feel like it is never going to come back up. Too much mental focus on this can actually prolong or create a stuck pattern in the down cycle. It is important for someone with this wave to understand it will go up and down and if you are down the up side is on its way.

Collective Wave

The Collective wave is like an escalator. It rises and rises toward joy and happiness in a slow and steady way. But this energy is not sustainable and like a bubble it pops, falling abruptly down to sadness and sorrow. The bottom of this wave does not last long as the wave begins building again back toward joy. When the wave drops it can lead one to question what happened. In relationship it might be the question of “Did I say something wrong?”. But in the case of this wave it is just energy that has run its course and needs to drop back to rebuild again.

Here is a Chart of the Emotional Wave Channels

(click on chart for larger image)

The Will Center – Are you worthy?

The Will center in Human design is also the home of the ego. This is pushy energy to get or posses material things. It can also be about getting your way, staking your place or enforcing your ownership. The will center is intertwined to the heart and it’s processes which is why it is often called the Heart/Will center. Improper or over use of that pushy will energy can lead to health problems with the heart, the blood and the gall bladder.

Heart/Will Center

Underlying all this is a burning question. Am I worthy? The will center and it’s energy want to prove that you are! That you are worthy to have a nice car, a big house or a place at the table. That you are worthy because you get good grades or your team wins or you look great. But the catch in proving all this is that the will and or the heart must work and then rest. In our western society we are often conditioned to push, push push and forget about the rest. This is a recipe for disaster. It is not surprising that the rate of heart, blood and gall bladder health issues are so high!

Now about 35% of the population have defined Will centers and that means they have consistent energy to do this willful pushing. With a defined Will you are more likely to recognize when you have pushed too long and take a rest. The people with the undefined Wills have a harder time, as they often don’t know when to stop pushing. They also don’t always have will energy around them so when they push they don’t have the defined energy to support the push and it puts a greater strain on their body. Open or undefined Wills can often struggle with worthiness. In school for most a B+ is a sufficient grade but the open will center will continue to push for that A just to feel worthy.

Overall, a good strategy is to use the will energy sporadically. Like a runner when you need that kick to finish. For accomplishing things that we often think take will power like dieting or quitting a bad habit, using other strategy not will power is a better route to success. For example, if you are trying to cut down on caffeine, don’t go into Starbucks. Strategy like that can go a long way in helping you accomplish what you want with out straining your heart.

Gates of Direction – The cross of the Sphinx

The Gates of the incarnation cross of the Sphinx are here to provide direction. Even if you do not carry any of these gates you receive direction as you encounter individuals that carry this cross. Each gate has an orientation of direction. Ra uses a metaphor of the car to illustrate this. Gate 2 is the driver and also home to the magnetic monopole. The monopole is the magnetic energy that pulls you through life and also attracts things to you. As you can imagine the driver has the best view that is made up of multiple lines of sight. Gate 13 is looking in the rear view mirror. They only know what has gone by but can use that to determine how to go forward. Gate 7 is looking through the windshield watching for what is in the future. They know nothing of the past. Gate 1 is in the passenger seat, not really looking out but contemplating the here and now as the car moves forward. They are in the moment.

In this diagram I have highlighted the 4 gates of direction. As you can see they are all of the G or Identity center. They are here to provide direction for the all of us Humans.

In this chart below we breakdown the different aspects of the gates. The chart gives the direction of orientation, the Gate name and the I’Ching name. As you can see the directional aspect of each gate in the chart is different. While Sphinx’s do have all 4 of these gates,  they will give you direction as oriented by their lead gate.

(Click on chart for a larger view.)

Here are sample charts for George Clooney actor, Bob Cousy basketball legend which is of the incarnation cross of the Sphinx.

In the chart below you can see that Suz has the gate 13 as her lead gate, (circled in red). By looking at the chart above, we see that gate 13 provides direction by looking at the past. Suz guidance or direction to you will be based on her view of what has been. This direction does not necessarily come verbally, it may come to you just in passing by spending a moment or longer in the energy of Suz.